Here Are The Best TV Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In February

8. Velvet Buzzsaw

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Velvet Buzzsaw, a Sundance Film Fest offering that takes horror into the art world. Gyllenhaal is Morf, an art critic who discovers (with a little help) the incredible paintings of a now-deceased artist, and who cannot believe the talent he has found. However, as the paintings are sold off, terrifying things start to happen to those who buy them, and it seems that these are more than just paint on canvas.

Arriving: February 1

7. The Soloist

Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx in The Soloist

Some more heartwarming goodness in The Soloist, a film about a burnt-out journalist who befriends a homeless musical prodigy. It starts out as simply another story for the writer, but as he gets involved in his new friend’s life, and learns how someone with this kind of talent can end up on the streets, and not the stage, things start to really shift. In addition, The Soloist stars Robert Downey Jr, so viewers can remind themselves of a time when he could be seen as anything other than Tony Stark.

Arriving: February 6

6. One Day At A Time (Season 3)

The third season of this critically-acclaimed sitcom hits this month, a reboot of the ‘70s sitcom of the same name. While definitely full of laughs, One Day At A Time has been praised for the ways that it deals with difficult subjects, including immigration, mental health, racism and homophobia. The third season will be thirteen episodes long, and there’s time to binge the first two, for those who haven’t seen it.

Arriving: February 8

5. Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj

Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj

Moving to Netflix from The Daily Show, comedian Hasan Minhaj puts out his own take on the politics and issues of the day in Patriot Act - a show that is released weekly on the streaming service. Patriot Act’s first season (sorry, volume) made headlines when an episode about Saudi Arabia was pulled, and there’s no denying that this is a controversial series, but a brilliant one.

Arriving: Every Sunday From February 10

4. The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy Trailer Poster

Netflix may be in the process of canceling all the Marvel Defenders series, but that doesn’t mean that the streaming service is done with superheroes. The Umbrella Academy is the latest adaptation of a comic book, but don’t expect origin stories and straightforward bad-guy-fighting here. This is a dark comedy, and one that is essentially about a dysfunctional family of people with superpowers, brought together as orphans and reunited as adults.

Arriving: February 15

3. The 40 Year Old Virgin

Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Like American Pie, The 40-Year-Old Virgin gets many of its laughs from crude jokes (and many will say that it has not aged well) - but it’s still one that many love to re-watch, and there’s no denying that the cast is a fantastic comic line up. About an electronics store employee who wants to finally lose his virginity in his 40s, this is a rom-com, but one that is as much about his friends as his love interest, and it will still get audiences laughing (and cringing in equal measure).

Arriving: February 16

2. Paris Is Us

For those who aren’t afraid of a film with subtitles, Paris iss Us is a great new movie to start. This film combines romance with a political drama about riots and civil unrest in Paris, and the desire that two young people have to experience something truly "intense."

Arriving: February 22

1. Workin' Moms

Workin' Moms Netflix

Finally, enjoy some more comedy with this great new Canadian series, Workin' Moms, about, well... working moms. Set in Toronto, the series is a hilarious look at the lives of working mothers, and the ways that they attempt to balance their families and careers - and looks at the differences between those who want to return to work and those who would rather not, thank you very much. Definitely, one that will resonate with mothers, but child-free viewers will get some laughs out of Workin’ Moms too.

Arriving: February 22

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