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New L and Light Image From Death Note

It's crazy that it took this long for Death Note to receive an English live action adaptation. Death Note was a massively popular manga series in Japan that spawned numerous adaptations in its homeland.

It is usually difficult to recreate a manga or anime series in real life, yet Death Note is grounded

enough that it would be easy to pull off cheaply. Death Note is about a teenager named Light, who discovers a magical book that will kill anyone whose name is written within it. Light decides to end all crime and war by killing criminals and dictators. The only person who can stop him is a detective named L, whose true name is unknown.

The response to the Death Note trailer has been negative to say the least. The story has been altered in order to move the setting to America and to trim it down into a single movie, which means that it will be different from the other versions of the story.

The Death Note manga is one of the greatest comic book series of all time, and Netflix would have to totally screw up in every way in order to ruin it.

Death Note is coming to Netflix on August 25th.

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