Netflix: 15 TV Shows And Movies You Didn't Know Were Coming In March

Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs in Love

Love (Season 3)

The dysfunctional lovelorn of LA are back for a third season of this Netflix original series, about two people trying to make it work (and failing pretty consistently). There’s Mickey (Gillian Jacobs), a sex and love addict (and a few other kinds of addict, for good measure), Gus (Paul Rust) an on-set tutor, and their wacky and wonderful friend group - all of whom are back for the third season.

Arriving: March 9

Ladies First

Ladies First Netflix

If you’re feeling the loss of the Olympics, Ladies First is the perfect Netflix documentary to scratch the itch for athletic inspiration. The documentary tells the incredible story of Deepika Kumari, who was raised in poverty in rural India, but rose to become the number one professional archer in the world. Get ready to start looking up archery classes near you…

Arriving: March 2

F*&% The Prom

This teen comedy is one for the outcasts, as two friends decide to destroy their high school prom in revenge against the popular kids. Riverdale fans will recognize Madelaine Petsch, who is the scheming popular girl out to take down potential prom queen Maddy (Danielle Campbell), while Joel Courtney stars as Cole, the unpopular kid who used to be friends with Maddy before she became popular.

Arriving: March 5th

Jessica Jones (Season 2)

Fight Jessica Jones

Probably the most highly anticipated addition of the month is the second season of Jessica Jones, one of Netflix’s multiple Marvel series. The first season was released in 2015, and fans have been waiting for the return of the Kristen Rytter’s booze-swilling superpowered private eye since then (despite her appearance in the slightly disappointing Defenders crossover). Now she’s back, and she still doesn’t want to be a hero. She’s just trying to make a living.

Arriving: March 8

Collateral (Season 1)

Carrie Mulligan Collateral Neftlix

Collateral may be appearing under the Netflix Original banner, but it was actually first shown on BBC2 last month. Netflix gets the ‘original’ label for being the distributor this side of the pond, though, and Collateral itself is a tense drama set in London over four days, as the police investigate the murder of a pizza delivery driver.

Arrives: March 9

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