Netflix Alert: Some Shows Are Leaving The Service

I know quite a few folks that enjoy their Netflix subscription.  I know a few who swear by it. Yet they might want to start rethinking their allegiance, from what I'm seeing today.

It looks like NBC shows are being pulled from the Netflix schedule, and if your guess is as good as anyone's guess, it could be due to Hulu's push to generate income via their ad supported traffic scheme as more shows are headed there.

The shows that have been noted as disappearing are 30 Rock, Heroes and the newer Office episodes.

We'll also be seeing some CBS content sliding off the Netflix schedule but for the moment, NCIS looks to be sticking around.

I wonder if Disney's bucketload of money is behind this when they invested in the service?  In what I'm seeing, ABC and NBC nets have the most advertising in their online and On Demand offerings.  And if it's working for these networks, you know we'll be seeing more of this as time ticks on and other networks get on board with the practice.

As far as I'm concerned, this is both good and bad.  Networks and advertisers were finding it harder to monetize their internet offerings and commercials.  Add to that the fact that advertisers still get more bang for their buck on the tube, and I'm surprised to see how quickly advertising is taking root in streaming content.  But as I watch the internet become more evolved in what they can do with ads and what they offer, you see where this is heading.  The only issue I have is that I'm forced to endure commercials on Hulu.  So I've started coordinating my snack runs to the kitchen accordingly.

Screen Rant readers who are Netflix subscribers:  Double check your own listings and let us know what you are finding!

Source:  Gizmodo

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