Netflix Orders White Rabbit Project Starring Mythbusters Build Team

Grant Imahara Keri Byron and Tory Belleci

Fans of the Discovery Channel science enterainment series Mythbusters may have let out a collective groan when the show ended its long run on the air this past spring. The series, which starred Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman putting myths (and later, just general questions, many of them of the pop culture variety), left behind a rich legacy of making science fun and accessible to the public.

Mythbusters may be busted, but there is some hope for fans of the series. The three person Build Team that supported Adam and Jamie for several years are now getting their own series on Netflix later this year, titled The White Rabbit Project.

Deadline reports that The White Rabbit Project will star Mythbusters veterans Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci, and Kari Byron. The series, produced for Netflix by Beyond Productions, will focus on the three builders and scientists taking a venture "down the rabbit hole" to explore odd and strange mysteries from history and pop culture. The various topics that are set to be explored include strange World War II weaponry, superpower tech, heists, and jailbreaks. The three will continue their Mythbusters tradition of doing builds and experiments to explore these mysteries and bring the reality of each mystery to light.

Grant Imahara Keri Byron and Tory Belleci in Mythbusters

While this will bring all three builders together for the first time since their Discovery Channel series, it's not their first post-Mythbusters gig. Kari and Tory had been working together on Thrill Factor for the Travel Channel. The series, which went for 11 episodes, has an uncertain future with this new development. Thrill Factor featured Kari and Tory traveling around the country to experience the most thrilling and exciting rides and attractions for the enjoyment of their viewership. Meanwhile, Grant Imahara has been keeping busy reprising his role as Mr. Sulu in the fan-made Star Trek Continues series.

The Emmy award-winning Mythbusters ran from 2003 until 2016, with 14 seasons and specials, totaling a whopping 282 episodes under their belts. The fan-favorite show finally took its final bow on television this past March. The idea of having a second "Build Team" came during the second season of the show, when they split the series into two parts. Adam and Jamie would explore the primary theme of the series, while the three person Build Team would explore a completely separate one. This format stayed the same until the end of the summer 2015 season, when it was announced that Grant, Tory, and Kari were leaving the series and the format would return to only Adam and Jamie. The series ended completely after the following season.

The great thing about the Mythbusters, which will hopefully carry over to The White Rabbit Project, is that the series can appeal to everyone, from science buffs to the lay person, adult and child alike. This new series, in conjunction with the recently announced Bill Nye talk show confirms that, in a world where we have so much reality television, its nice to see Netflix green light a series that aims to make learning fun.

The White Rabbit Project will debut on Netflix globally on December 9, 2016.

Source: Deadline

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