20 Netflix Movies & TV Shows Too Disturbing To Watch

Over the last few years, Netflix has not only becoming the biggest name in the streaming service game, but one of the biggest in the entertainment industry as a whole. As of October of this year, the company has over 109 million subscribers happily forking over 10 bucks a month to catch their impressive assortment of movies and TV shows. They're only set to expand in the coming years (assuming they don't bury themselves too deep in debt first), and with stocks at an all time high, times are good in the Netflix camp.

The driving force behind the company's smashing success is their wide range of content, of course. Though they've taken a few lumps lately -- with the likes of Disney and DC both splitting off to form their own streaming services -- Netflix continues to add big names to their lineup on a monthly basis. These additions look to offer up movies and TV series to cover every conceivable genre, including the sort of entertainment that takes the word "horror" to new extremes.

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Sure, we're being a bit hyperbolic in the title, but for most Netflix subscribers, the gruesome imagery and skin-crawling nature of the titles you'll find in the gallery below are just too much to bear. If you're brave enough to venture on, check out the most disturbing movies and TV shows on Netflix:

[vn_gallery name="Netflix Movies & TV Shows Too Disturbing To Watch Gallery" id="1094420"]

Undoubtedly, Netflix has a few more titles stashed away that most viewers would take a hard pass on. What do you think is the most unsettling film or TV series on the streaming service today? Do any of our picks barely even register on the creepy meter for you? Be sure to sound off in the comments section.

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