Marvel's The Defenders Villain Shares History With Stick

Scott Glenn as Stick in Daredevil

The villain plaguing The Defenders looks to have some ties with Matt Murdock's old mentor, Stick. We know from the past two seasons of Daredevil that Stick has been fighting a war against The Hand for decades. He's frequently mentioned that a bigger war is on the horizon if they don't stop The Hand before they get the "Black Sky." Unfortunately, the Black Sky seems to be Elektra, and from what we've seen in the trailers - she's back with a vengeance. But it's also become apparent that Stick has been familiar with some of the people higher up in The Hand for quite some time.

The Defenders will struggle to work together before they come up against the main villain, however. We found out last year that Sigourney Weaver would be joining the cast of the show as a character named Alexandra - although whether she's a character from the comics or an original creation has yet to be made clear. Thanks to a short clip from the Netflix/Marvel TV miniseries, we now know that she and Stick have been acquaintances for quite some time.

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The Daredevil Twitter account shared the short clip in a similar fashion to the clip of Foggy Nelson meeting Luke Cage. It's a great way of teasing the audience by revealing just a small clue as to what we can expect from these characters meeting. The most intriguing part is that Alexandra calls Stick "old friend" as she removes the hood from his head. You can watch the clip in the space below:

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