Netflix Developing 3 Movies & 2 TV Shows Based On Millarworld

Netflix is cementing their plans to create a Mark Millar universe akin to their series of Marvel titles as the streaming company is officially working on three films and two TV shows based on the comic book creator's work. The company bought the rights to Millarworld last year.

Just one year ago, Netflix bought the rights to Mark Millar's publishing company with the intent to create a full slate of series and films based on Millar's content. At the time, Netflix compared Millar to a "modern Stan Lee" and expressed the company's excitement to foster his creativity under their banner.

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The streaming giant is taking huge strides in making their Millarworld plans a reality. Netflix is planning to debut three films (Empress, Huck and Sharkey The Bounty Hunter) and two TV series (Jupiter's Legacy and American Jesus) based on Millar's properties. Jupiter's Legacy is based on the comic series that explores the high pressure of expectations on youth in a metaphor that sees a young generation of superheroes attempting to live up to those who came before them. American Jesus tells the story of a young boy who suddenly realizes he is Jesus Christ. Empress is the story of a single mother - with a twist. The titular character packs up her three children and heads to an ancient Earth to start her life over without her evil dictator husband. Huck features a kind superhero whose secret is accidentally revealed to the world. And, finally, Sharkey the Bounty Hunter follows the titular character as he hunts down his mark in his modified ice cream truck. A few of these titles were actually in production before Netflix picked up Millarworld.

Along with this new slate of projects, Netflix and Millarworld teamed up on a popular comic book seriesThe Magic Order about a group of magicians attempting to protect the world while simultaneously being targeted by a dangerous enemy. Along with the previously mentioned series, Sharkey the Bounty Hunter will also be adapted as a comic book series. Several prolific names are attached to help develop these titles. Everardo Gout (Luke Cage) will direct and serve as co-showrunner with Leopoldo Gout for American Jesus. Michael Bacall (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) is writing the screenplay for Sharkey the Bounty Hunter. And Steven S. DeKnight (Daredevil/Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is attached as showrunner and executive producer for Jupiter's Legacy. Millar expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to create so many projects with many of his favorite creators.

While showing his gratitude to the streaming company, Millar described Netflix as "the greatest creative environment" and admitted he can't wait to get to work every day. Millar previously expressed a hope to bring a couple of series to Netflix focusing on Hit-Girl and Patience Lee, the young black woman who took on the identity of Kick-Ass in the comic series reboot.

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