Mike Colter's 'Luke Cage' Will Be a 'Darker, Grittier & More Tangible' Hero

Mike Colter and Luke Cage

Marvel's television universe continues with the re-energized season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC and will expand ever further with the April premiere of all 13 episodes of Daredevil on Netflix, the first of four series focusing on the MCU's street-level heroes. The currently-filming A.K.A. Jessica Jones will introduce audiences to Mike Colter's Luke Cage, whose followup series will presumably appear a year later.

So far, the details about Luke Cage have been limited to descriptions of the show's tone from its star. Colter has spoken at length on the dark feel of the material, and with Daredevil setting the edgy tone, we can expect Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and their eventual team-up in The Defenders to follow suit.

While promoting the upcoming home video release of the Xbox One series Halo: Nightfall, Colter spoke to The List (by way of CBM) and expanded on the nature of his character and how he differs from heroes like Thor or Iron Man, saying:

"Marvel actually gives you a special training class in how not to say too much in interviews [laughs]. We’re in the middle of shooting 'AKA Jessica Jones' and Luke Cage is a very interesting character who just happens to have super strength and unbreakable skin. He’s a neighborhood hero, very much linked to New York and Jessica Jones. It’s all part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Luke Cage is a darker, grittier, more tangible character than Iron Man or Thor. He likes to keep things close to his chest, operate on the hush-hush. He has these abilities but he’s not sure how and when to use them. He’s a very nuanced character."

Fans may be waiting for some solid details on the Luke Cage storyline and how it ties into the overall MCU, but Colter's insights here - along with his many other comments along roughly the same lines - hint at a smaller-stakes approach to this multi-platform universe. With threats both cosmic and global in scope appearing regularly, how does this affect everyday people?

Marvel TV Shows Luke Cage Daredevil

We thought Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. might address this question, but it's now clear that AoS has become instrumental in setting up the next phase of the MCU. Luke Cage - more so than Daredevil or even Jessica Jones - could be the closest thing to an everyman superhero we'll see in this universe, echoing some of the character's incarnations in the comic books (as he is married to Jessica Jones and the two have a daughter).

Given the larger-than-life personae of Tony Stark/Iron Man, Thor and even the humbler Captain America and Bruce Banner, how will audiences respond to a more down-to-Earth superhero? Luke Cage is a powerful character, and a more relatable hero could be an effective proxy for the audience, especially when contrasted with someone like the Kingpin.

Are you looking forward to a more "tangible" superhero, Screen Ranters? Sound off in the comments!

Luke Cage is expected to air on Netflix in 2016.

Source: The List

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