Netflix's Love: 10 Best Quotes About Modern Romance

Judd Apatow's Love on Netflix gives us a refreshingly accurate depiction of dating and relationships in the modern world. Not only does the series deal with the taboo and rarely discussed topics that relate to romantic relationships in this day and age, but it also touches on deeper issues such as love addiction and self-sabotage. Apatow's series manages to be a romantic comedy (that's actually funny) while at the same time is able to incorporate darker themes in order to truly offer an authentic experience of two "messed up" individuals slowly falling for each other. Despite the fact that Mickey and Gus seem like polar opposites, they eventually manage to make it work due to how much they are willing to sacrifice for each other. So what are some of the best quotes from Love about dating in the modern world? Read the list below to find out!

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10 "Surprise! I'm not the cool girl, okay?"

"Surprise! I'm not the cool girl, okay? I'm not just some girl that you can f*ck for a while to prove to yourself that you can be dangerous and edgy and not some huge dork, and then you go off and marry some boring lady." - Mickey

A handful of men in our generation seem to hope for this nonexistent "cool girl" who basically represents a woman that is perfectly fine letting her man do whatever he wants regardless of how much it might hurt her. This term has been analyzed to its fullest in Gone Girl and depicts this sort of fantasy woman as problematic because she doesn't exist. Luckily the term is becoming more popular as we can see by this quote from Love where Mickey refuses to play it cool and be tossed aside by Gus after he plays with her emotions.

9 "Hoping for love..."

"You said earlier that if you ask for love, the world will send you love back. But I've been asking and asking and I haven't gotten anything. Hoping and waiting and wishing and wanting love. Hoping... hoping for love has f*cking ruined my life." - Mickey

There is nothing worse than yearning for a love that you don't or can't have. The pain that comes from wanting what you don't have, especially when it comes to love, is excruciating. Our generation grew up on Disney and fairytales that play into the belief that if you wish hard enough, you will get your dream relationship. If you really want something though, as we learn from the series, you must do more than just hope for it. You must take action and fight for what you want in order to make it work.

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8 "That can't be the deal."

 "I refuse to believe that all those dipsh*ts I went to high school with who are married now putting pictures on Facebook every day of their kids with little headbands have it all figured out, right? That's gotta be bullsh*t, that can't be the deal. That can't be it!" - Mickey

We live in the age of social media where it is easy to become envious of other peoples lives simply based off of their smiley posts on Facebook and Instagram. The truth is, there is no need to get jealous over all of those seemingly perfect couples who are always posting adorable pictures online because everything on social media is a facade. No one actually has it all figured out because nobody is perfect!

7 "I feel like I'm a bowl of mac and cheese."

"I sometimes feel like I'm a bowl of Mac and Cheese. The first few bites are really great, then about halfway in you're kind of like... 'I think I've had enough Mac and Cheese'. By the last few bites, you're like 'I'm never gonna eat Mac and Cheese again. This is disgusting.'" - Gus

When it comes to modern dating, our generation tends to harbor a whole lot of insecurities that ultimately end up taking a toll on our relationships. We live in a time where everyone feels as though they have to be perfect. In an era of airbrushing, Insta filters, Kardashians, and more, we feel as though we have to meet an impossible standard when it comes to our identity, and we often overlook the fact that we are simply human beings with imperfections.

This excellent line by Gus perfectly captures how insecure we tend to be in modern relationships where we constantly feel as though we aren't good enough and that we will eventually be left for someone better. If we can have more faith and trust in our partner's love for us, we ultimately can put those negative thoughts aside.

6 "Do you have romantic comedy merchandise?"

"Excuse me! Hi, do you have any romantic comedy themed merchandise, preferably something with Winslet and Diaz? This is very disappointing, I've had a depressing day and I just wanted to get something that would remind you that happiness can find you when you least expect it." -Bertie

This hilarious quote by the loveably optimistic Bertie just proves how even in the face of disappointment and anger, she is still able to find hope when it comes to love and romance. Having faith in love prevents Bertie from taking the cynical approach that Mickey develops from her aggravation when it comes to dating in the modern world. Sometimes, in order to find hope when it comes to your love life, all you need is a good old rom-com to lift your spirits, (preferably one with Winslet and Diaz).

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5 "I've settled for so many things."

"...And I was thinking, life could end at any moment and I've settled for so many things." - Bertie

Often times, we settle when it comes to our love lives because we truly believe that we don't deserve better. Settling is one of the worst things you could do in life, especially when it comes to your romantic relationships. You must believe that you deserve the best of the best and that you deserve to be happy because there is somebody out there for you who will provide you with the kind of love that you deserve. Bertie realizes this pretty late in the game after breaking up with her unmotivated, dim-witted boyfriend in order to be with Chris who is basically perfect for her.

4 "Comfortable and familiar."

"They say that you go back to painful situations because they’re comfortable and familiar. Sometimes, when I’m in pain, I’m like hello old friend." - Mickey

Sometimes we find comfort in painful situations because it's what we are used to. This is an important quote for people to acknowledge when they put themselves into toxic relationships and choose to stay. If people can acknowledge the comfortability when it comes to the familiarity of the pain in their relationships, they can further learn to let go. Instead of finding comfort in the pain, find comfort in a relationship that is actually good for you and lifts you up rather than tears you down.

3 "You can binge on people, too."

"People think that you can only binge on food but that's not true. You can binge on other people too, and then before you know it... *bomb explodes*. - Doctor Greg Colter

It is never good to spend all of your time with a single person, especially if that person is your romantic partner. Couples need space apart from each other so they can breathe and grow and just because you aren't spending every waking minute together does not imply that you love each other less. In fact, distance makes the heart grow fonder and Doctor Greg—surprisingly—seems to know this, while Mickey and Gus on the other hand just want to stay cradled in their love nest and "binge" on each other.

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2 "I want to be in a real, adult relationship."

"I want to be in a relationship with you. I don't wanna do any more non-exclusive bullsh*t. I wanna really try and work on this and be in a real adult relationship."

Despite the fact that these two characters are in their thirties, they still have to call an exclusive relationship an "adult relationship" because it isn't something they are used to. In this day and age, it is becoming more and more rare for people in love to allow themselves to be in an exclusive relationship which is fine for people that are comfortable with it, but when it becomes a problem where people get hurt, it's important that we find the strength in order to be honest about our wants and needs with the person we have feelings for. The fact that a committed relationship is the equivalent of an adult relationship just further emphasizes the culture of modern dating as a whole.

1 "Let's f-ing be a couple!"

"Let's f*cking be a couple." - Mickey (to Gus)

Back in the day, this would be considered "going steady," and it wouldn't be as huge of a deal as it seems to be today. Now if you decide to be in a relationship with someone, it takes a whole lot of time and energy in order to get to that point. Back then, you go on one date with someone, split a milkshake with them, and BAM. The wedding bells are already in earshot. Whether or not our generations slower pace when it comes to "adult relationships" is a good thing or a bad thing, at least you can argue that it is more rewarding to be in a relationship that takes time to build.

What's your favorite quote from love? Let us know!

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