Netflix's Lost In Space Reboot Trailer Reveals Premiere Date

The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Lost In Space reboot introduces the Robinson family and teases their space-faring adventure to come.

Netflix's Lost In Space Series Trailer

Netflix rolls out yet another trailer for an original series with the first look at Lost in Space, featuring Molly Parker and Toby Stephens as the head of the space-faring Robinson clan. The series has been in the works for some time now, with the casting of Parker and Stephens having been announced in September of last year. Meanwhile the addition of Parker Posey to cast, as the nefarious Dr. Smith, hinted that the minds behind the new series were at least partially in the right place.

Since then, there has been little in the way of news for the series, but now it’s confirmed Netflix is set to launch its next sci-fi adventure in April. So, while the Robinsons are in for a perilous journey ahead, it seems as though filming on the the new show went a bit smoother. The lack of information pouring (or leaking) in from the set the past few months not only suggests a relatively trouble-free production, but it also makes the trailer reveal a bit more surprising. After all, with the amount of television coming in the next few months, who remembered Lost in Space was even on the books?

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As far as additions to Netflix’s ever-growing catalog of original programs go, Lost in Space is a curious one. A somewhat cheeky science fiction series from the ‘60s, the title was already rebooted into a grit-adjacent family adventure film in the late ‘90s. But two decades later it seems the cyclical nature of television is ready to give the story of a family in search of a new home for humanity another shot. And, to its credit, the first trailer does a solid job of selling the familiar premise and using the world’s current state of affairs to make it feel particularly urgent.

Netflix's Lost In Space Series Trailer

A slow motion shot of the Robinson clan walking toward the space ship they’ll soon be forced to call home isn’t as revealing as, say, footage from the series, but it does give an idea of the more aspirational tone the show seems to be aiming for. That, along with the voiceover by Parker’s Maureen Robinson, delivers all the exposition anyone could need — especially the younger audience members for whom the original series and movie may as well have never existed.

Striking the right balance between adventure and danger is key for the series, as even though the Robinsons find themselves perilously off course, the series itself will be tasked with making the story about more than one family’s survival. But, as is made clear in the closing seconds of the trailer, Lost in Space is well aware the expectations of a certain portion of its audience, as what would a tease of the show be without hearing the words “Danger Will Robinson”?

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Lost in Space season 1 will stream on Netflix on Friday, April 13.

Source: Netflix

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