Netflix Live is Unfortunately Not Real; Has Now Been 'Canceled'

Will Arnett in Netflix LIVE!

It's April Fool's Day, and tons of companies and sites are rolling out the funny in honor of the lighthearted holiday -- for instance, did you know Zac Efron is about to become a superhero? Today is definitely a day to be wary of what you read and watch, for it may not stick around forever.

Streaming giant Netflix proved that theory earlier today when they had to kibosh their own April Fool's Day project due to unprecedented popularity. The company released a "new show" called Netflix LIVE! this morning, which featured BoJack Horseman and Arrested Development star Will Arnett providing "live" commentary on a commonplace office setting. Netflix released a teaser trailer for the show last night, which you can check out, above.

Unfortunately, it seems the fun of Netflix LIVE! will end before it's even begun, as the company has already moved to list the series as "Netflix Live Canceled" on their home page. Now viewers hoping to watch the mundane hilarity have to see with a huge "CANCELED" watermark over the entire thing. According to the show's updated description:

"Netflix Live has been canceled. We miscalculated the number of people who like to binge-watch microwaves. Dave from analytics is in trouble."

Will Arnett in Netflix LIVE!

The description implies that the series has been canceled because people didn't want to binge-watch microwaves, but it seems like Dave from analytics should keep his job. On the contrary, the prank show became an overnight hit with weirdos of all ages when it premiered yesterday. One Redditor calls Arnett's narration "strangely hypnotizing," and many took to Twitter to beg Netflix for a full season of the endearingly bizarre program. It's unclear whether Netflix LIVE! actually is supposed to continue on past April Fool's Day, since the show "aired" yesterday on March 31 and has been "canceled" today, on April Fool's Day proper. Maybe this is some ultra-quirky new programming that the company is teasing us with, or maybe it is just an elaborate April Fool's joke with weird timing.

In all likelihood, the show will be taken down by tomorrow morning, leaving its fans to wonder if the entire thing was all a strange, office-supply-heavy fever dream. Still, it would be hilarious if the company actually stuck to this plan and rolled out a few more episodes. Lord knows Will Arnett has enough dry wit to power a few more runs, and it would definitely be prime viewing for Netflix's many sleepy and/or inebriated viewers.

Whether or not Netflix LIVE! is a long-lasting prank, it's still up on the streaming service now, so go check out this weird and wild "show" before it's swept away in a sea of other April Fool's content. In all likelihood, it's soon to leave the site for good.

Netflix LIVE! is currently available to stream on Netflix -- before it's taken down forever.

Source: Polygon

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