Netflix Launches Kids Interactive Adventure Feature

Netflix Launches Kids Interactive Adventure

The latest original project from Netflix comes in the form of an interactive series for kids called the Kids Interactive Adventure. Thus far, Netflix has managed to corner a small market in the children's entertainment industry, with such hit original programs as The Adventures of Puss in Boots and Buddy Thunderstruck. Even though many subscribers may be more familiar with the studio's more adult-oriented fare, those with small children may be familiar with the plethora of kids shows being developed for younger viewers.

Taking special attention to licensed television properties based on blockbuster feature franchises - including the DreamWorks-produced original series All Hail King Julian and Dawn of the Croods - Netflix has managed to develop a steady stable of children's oriented TV shows. And in a concerted bid to broaden the horizons for younger viewers, the latest original production comes in the form of the Kids Interactive Adventure series - based in part on several preexisting properties and shows.

In the footage featured above, potential viewers can catch a sneak peek behind the curtain at everything the Kids Interactive Adventure series will have to offer younger Netflix viewers. With the first original production titled Puss in Boots: Trapped In An Epic Tale launching today, kids and their parents can log on and check out the point-and-click feature for themselves right now.

Netflix Launches Kids Interactive Adventure

Ostensibly serving to ape some of the same user intuitive storytelling trends made popular by the likes of Telltale Games within the contemporary gaming industry, the Kids Interactive Adventure series will offer some of the same viewer-moderated interactivity for young Netflix viewers. Rewarding choices made via a standard television remote, shows like Puss in Boots: Trapped In An Epic Tale - as well as the forthcoming Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile due out July 14 - will allow kids to dictate the stories that they want to see.

Whether or not the newly launched Kids Interactive Adventure series will prove to be a hit with younger Netflix users and their parents remains to be seen, but based on everything offered by the program's trailer there is little reason to think it wouldn't be a sizable success. This, in turn, would only further improve Netflix's reputation as a good source for kids' entertainment, along with such upcoming Netflix projects as the Magic School Bus reboot series, The Magic School Bus Rides Again.

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The Kids Interactive Adventure series is currently available on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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