Netflix's The Joel McHale Show Trailer is 100% Joel McHale

The first trailer and poster for The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale have arrived, teasing Netflix's attempt to revive The Soup. The reboot and revival business is strong across all of television, but Netflix is certainly leading the charge. After bringing back Arrested Development, they've tackled a revival for Gilmore Girls, provided the sequel series Fuller House, and have picked up a plethora of cancelled series from other networks and given them new life. Their next effort won't be quite in the same vein, but it will see the streaming giant try and resuscitate Joel McHale's original cult hit.

Back in 1991, E! aired Talk Soup with host Greg Kinnear as a novel spin on a current events show. The series would run through multiple hosts before relaunching in 2004 as The Soup with Joel McHale. The actor would host the show until 2015, spending a good deal of that time also working as the star of Community. Poking fun at news, current events, public access TV, and the Internet, the show utilized footage alongside a healthy dose of green screen to deliver comedy. Now, Netflix's latest attempt at a late night show will try to bring back the format.

Netflix has now released a trailer and poster for The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, teasing the return of the comedian and actor to the world of late night. Like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the series will forego the typical talk show format to instead skewer current events. But rather than focusing on politics (though that will surely be included), McHale is expected to touch on just about everything culture related, like he did on The Soup.

The new series will air on Sunday nights, pitting it against HBO's Last Week Tonight. It will also serve as a sort of spiritual replacement for Netflix's recently canceled Chelsea Handler talk show. Though Netflix typically drops all episodes of a show at once, The Joel McHale show will follow the lead of its predecessor with weekly installments, allowing it to properly poke fun at culture.

McHale hasn't quite had a hit since The Soup and Community ended, with his series The Great Outdoors failing to gain traction. He may fare better cinematically, however, as McHale is costarring with Melissa McCarthy in The Happytime Murders, which turns the world of Muppets violent. He may even get the chance to join the superhero game, as McHale is circling the Quantum & Woody film. The project is one of many attempts by Valiant Comics to break into new media, and it's even being produced by Community alums Anthony and Joe Russo. Between those films and the new Netflix series, there will be a lot more McHale on screens both big and small in the near future.

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The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale premieres Sunday, February 18 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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