The MBTI® Of GLOW Characters

Glow is an amazing series on Netflix filled with unique personalities. Here is the MBTI of all your favorite characters!

GLOW just premiered its third season on Netflix. We know that none of us can get enough of these hilarious, quirky, and dramatic female wrestlers, right? We probably all have our favorites, and each character is definitely vastly different from one another (inside AND outside of the ring). So, if you've ever wondered what kind of personality these beautiful ladies actually have, or which one you most closely align with, we've made a list. Here are 10 main characters from the show and their Myer-Briggs Type Indicator®.

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Debbie definitely resembles the "commander" personality type. She's strong, obviously, which makes her efficient in her goals and duties. She's also incredibly strong-willed, which is likely to make her stubborn (we know it does). Like Debbie, someone with this personality type is also very intelligent and strategic, but they're also charismatic and very convincing leaders. However, they can also be impatient, arrogant, and may even come across as cold in the pursuit for their goals. This is Debbie in a nutshell, and she represents extroversion, intuition, thinking, and judgment.


Justine has come and gone from the show, but we're happy she had a bigger role in the third season. Like Justine, someone with this personality type is likely incredibly imaginative and creative, insightful and inspiring, and extremely passionate.

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However, Justine is also guilty of being private and keeping her ideas to herself, and she also always has some sort of cause, meaning she has a goal and feels frustrated when she can't achieve it. This is Justine, and she represents introversion, intuition, feeling, and judgment.


Carmen definitely fits into the "mediator" personality type. This type of person highly values harmony, meaning they're probably going to try to maintain peace between people in a very harmonious, democratic way. They're creative, energetic, and extremely dedicated/hard-working. If that's not Carmen enough, this personality type's weaknesses include being too idealistic or altruistic, which also means they might forget to take care of themselves. This is definitely Carmen, and she represents introversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving.


Sam is definitely a dynamic character. This personality type has a quick and strategic mind, and they're likely to think pretty highly of themselves. They're also strongly independent and decisive, meaning they're also hard-working and super determined. However, this type of person, like Sam, can also be incredibly arrogant, judgmental, and overly analytical. When they get close to people, they might just flee (sound familiar?), and they likely don't follow traditional standards. Hello, Sam? He represents introversion, intuition, thinking, and judgment.


Cherry is a complex and mysterious character, much like this personality type. However, she definitely is an "executive" type of person. She's strong-willed, and she's relentless in her goals and ambitions. She's also direct, honest, reliable, and dedicated.

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She's the order in the chaos, basically. However, this personality type is also incredibly stubborn, judgmental, and can be overly concerned with their social reputation. Also, they likely struggle to relax or act empathetic and emotional. This is Cherry, and she represents extroversion, sensing, thinking, and judgment.


Bash resembles the "entrepreneur" personality type (shocking, we know). This personality type is known for being bold - full of energy and life. They push boundaries, and they're always the life of the party. They excel at social interactions (and networking opportunities), and they're also pretty direct, because they hate mind games. However, this type of person is likely to be insensitive towards other peoples' feelings and impatient when they can't have their way. They also are likely to take risks and act impulsively. This is Bash, definitely, and he represents extroversion, sensing, thinking, and perceiving.


Rhonda is a sweet, likable character. This personality type has strong people skills, meaning they're pretty good at connecting with others and are well-liked. They're sensitive, loyal, and still manage to be practical and responsible. However, they might rely a bit too much on how others perceive them, and they might not respond well to criticism. Also, their main fault is that they're TOO selfless, and this can come across as overwhelming. This is definitely Rhonda, right? She represents extroversion, sensing, feeling, and judgment.


Sheila has grown so much as a character, but we still think she falls pretty nicely into this personality type. Sheila is passionate, curious, and very artistic. She shows her creativity in differing ways that resonate with her audience (through dressing like a wolf or brilliantly reciting a play).

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However, this personality type has difficulties with their self-esteem, and they are independent to a degree that might even push them to the outs. They can also be unpredictable, which we've definitely seen. Sheila represents introversion, sensing, feeling, and perceiving.


Melrose definitely resembles the "entertainer" personality type. There's no question that she's bold and original - she's always pushing the boundaries and she loves sticking out in a crowd. She also often uses showmanship, meaning she likes to put on a 'performance' in pretty much everything she does. She's also very talkative, and she loves spending time with people. However, this personality type is also sensitive, easily bored, unfocused, and is likely to avoid conflict to the best of their abilities. We're more than convinced this is Melrose, and she represents extroversion, sensing, feeling, and perceiving.


Ruth is a complicated character, and she was probably the hardest to fit into a personality type. However, we think she fits best here. This personality type is reliable and tolerant, meaning they're likely to believe in others and themselves. They also have a strong value of altruism, which makes them selfless and obsessed with doing good for others (and themselves). They're also actually pretty great natural leaders, and they don't have to seek authority to be listened to. However, they can be too sensitive and struggle to make important decisions. This is Ruth, we think, and she represents extroversion, intuition, feeling, and judgment.

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