Netflix’s Girlboss Canceled After 1 Season

Netflix has announced that there will be no second season of Girlboss. The series, based on the autobiography of Sophia Amoruso, charts the rise of Sophia (Britt Robertson) from struggling twenty-something to fashion industry up-and-comer. The show is loosely based on the real events of Sophia's life, and was offered up by the streaming service in 30 minute episodes this past April.

The first season followed Sophia as she went from struggling her way through minimum-wage jobs and occasional dumpster-diving in her San Francisco neighborhood, to running an online vintage clothing business. Given the popularity of the book, Girlboss was highly anticipated, and boasted Pitch Perfect's Kay Cannon as writer and executive producer. Despite this solid foundation, however, the streaming service will not be renewing the show.

Netflix has decided to cancel Girlboss for simply not being as well-received as they would have liked, reports Deadline. Said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos of the recent string of cancellations:

Relative to what you spent, are people watching it? When I say that, a big expensive show for a huge audience is great. A big, expensive show for a tiny audience is hard even in our model to make that work very long.

Sophia in Netflix's Girlboss

Cannon also commented on the cancellation:

While I’m proud of the work we did, I’m looking forward to controlling my narrative from here on out. It was a good show, and I was privileged to work with incredible talent, but living my life as a caricature was hard even if only for two months.

The most likely reason for the failure of Girlboss lies in the lead character, Sophia. For the first several episodes, Sophia is deeply unlikable as an entitled millenial 'anarchist' who seems unwilling to put any effort into her own life. She is rude to coworkers, lazy at her jobs, and taunts strangers that she interacts with. She is also routinely seen stealing random items (like a rug, from a store display) for no apparent reason, and being generally unpleasant to everyone in her life. The character does eventually redeem herself, and becomes far more enjoyable to watch by the end, but with a bingeable model like Netflix's, it's highly likely that many viewers didn't keep watching long enough for that to happen.

While fans of Girlboss will be disappointed to hear that the show is not going to be getting a sophomore season, the news doesn't come as too much of a surprise, as Netflix has been announcing several cancellations over the past few weeks.

Source: Deadline 

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