Netflix Orders Frank Miller's King Arthur Retelling Cursed

Netflix has announced an all-new original drama series, written by comic book writer Frank Miller; a fresh take on the legend of King Arthur, bearing the ominous title Cursed.

To call Frank Miller a legend in comic book circles would be an understatement. The storyteller is best known for his comic books and graphic novels, including popular runs on Daredevil and The Dark Knight Returns. These have been the main inspiration for some of the most beloved superhero TV shows to date, such as Marvel and Netflix's own live-action Daredevil series. It seems that Miller is about to become a record-holder, though, becoming the first writer to simultaneous create a book and a TV show.

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Last week, Simon & Schuster announced that Miller would be collaborating with Thomas Wheeler (The LEGO Ninjago MoviePuss In Boots) to publish his first young adult novel, Cursed. Netflix have wasted no time in commissioning an original series adapting the story, with Miller and Wheeler working as executive producers. A fresh adaptation of the legends of King Arthur, Cursed revolves around Nimue, a 16-year-old who is destined to become the powerful (and tragic) Lady of the Lake. The daughter of a high priestess, Nimue is blessed with a connection to the Feywild - the living energy of the forest. After her mother's death, Nimue allies with the mercenary Arthur in a quest to find Merlin.

Frank Miller

In a press release for Simon & Schuster, Miller explained that he's always been fascinated by the legends of Camelot - and Nimue in particular:

"It can be interpreted in any number of ways—from a delightful children’s story, as in The Sword in the Stone, to a terrifying interpretation like Excalibur. This tale represents an incredible opportunity and an exciting challenge for me as an illustrator, and I’m excited to collaborate on the story with Thomas Wheeler. I inherited a collection of antique children’s books from my mother, and I’ve always wanted to have a crack at it myself. This project is a dream come true."

For his part, Wheeler is thrilled to collaborate with Miller. "His characters, images, and dark worlds have haunted and delighted me since I was ten years old," he noted. "Together we hope to shake the foundations of this beloved mythology and in the process create a new hero for a new age."

The Cursed novel will feature full-color and black and white illustrations, and will be published in hardcover, audio, and ebook. It's expected to be published in Fall 2019, and it seems likely that Netflix will begin streaming the series around the same time.

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Sources: Netflix/Simon & Schuster

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