These Are the Fastest Binge-Watched Shows on Netflix

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Netflix, a company that doesn't typically disclose viewership data, has revealed their fastest binge-watched shows. The company's initial business model was renting out movies and TV shows on DVD to U.S. customers via mail (similar to other video-rental shops such as Blockbuster Video), but shortly after launching a video-on-demand service in 2007, the tech giant started expanding worldwide - and that's when people noticed that their business had begun to shift.

Although they still provide video rental services to customers, particularly for new movie releases, Netflix has established itself as the go-to service for catching up on past seasons of TV shows, while also providing viewers with their own assortment of original content, starting with the critically-acclaimed and Emmy Award-winning political drama, House of Cards. Ever since the series debuted in 2013, Netflix has rapidly added new content to their database, ranging anywhere from comedy programs to fantasy dramas to comic book shows. What's unclear, however, is how successful each show has been for the streaming giant, especially since Netflix never releases specific numbers. Although we'll never know how many people watched the latest season of Ozark, we do know which shows people get through the fastest.

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This afternoon, Netflix revealed their fastest binge-watched shows (new seasons that were consumed in their entirety within 24 hours). The top 10 shows, starting with the fastest, are Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Fuller House, The Ranch, Marvel's The Defenders, Seven Deadly Sins, Trailer Park Boys, Santa Clarita Diet, F is For Family, Orange is the New Black, and Stranger Things, with Friends from College, Grace and Frankie, Wet Hot American Summer, Atypical, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, House of Cards, Master of None, Luther, GLOW, and Arrested Development rounding out the rest of the list. Netflix also released an infographic defining the term "binge racing." You can check it out below:

It's worth noting that each show listed above is one of the streaming giant's original shows, including the ones they brought back to life. What's interesting is that the shows that were consumed the fastest were typically either revivals or sequels with significant hype built up around them. While the list shows how excited people were to watch certain shows, it still doesn't reveal how many people watched each program, as well as how many finished watching each series.

The streaming service has been undergoing a significant shift over the past few years, with them focusing less on obtaining third-party content and rather building a database full of original content to compete with major TV networks and movie studios. They plan on spending upwards of $8 billion (made possible by their recent price hikes) and producing more than 80 original movies in 2018 alone. It's clear that Netflix wants to make their service the one-stop shop for their users' entertainment needs, and that means more content for people to binge on.

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