Netflix is Coming to E3 2019, Will Talk Turning Originals Into Games

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Netflix announced today via its sci-fi and supernatural Twitter account that it would be attending E3, and that fans could expect more than just another look at the upcoming Stranger Things video game. The Stranger Things game is the only currently announced Netflix gaming project for this year, a cross-over between the popular television property and a retro-inspired adventure title from yesteryear.

Netflix hasn't been a major player in video games up until this point, with the Stranger Things game representing one of the biggest forays the company has made into the medium. That being said, however, Netflix hasn't been shy about pursuing video game-adjacent popular culture, such as comic book adaptations and sci-fi series, so the decision to pursue video games like the Stranger Things tie-in makes a lot of business sense for a company that's already cultivated the kind of following that would be interested in it. Now, however, it appears that the Stranger Things game is just the tip of the Netflix video game iceberg.

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In a not-forced-at-all conversation between the Netflix NX Twitter account and the E3 gaming convention, the former asked if the company could procure an invite to the show. When E3 replied in the affirmative, Netflix responded that it would bring "some gaming news" while also revealing that Netflix and E3 would co-host a panel called "Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games." Obviously, that title indicates a certain level of commitment to video games that Netflix hasn't revealed yet; while Stranger Things is happening, the seminar's title indicates that several other Netflix Originals might end up on a video game platform in the near future. Here's the tweet chain:

And here's how Netflix closed out the exchange, after stating that there's more to come following Stranger Things:

That is unfortunately all we know for now, as Netflix signed off from the exchange with that Stranger Things game gif and hasn't responded since. The Stranger Things game is out on July 4th, so its presence at E3 2019 makes sense; the hype generated from a good trailer there would do wonders for both the television series and the game, although it's not like either really needed help in that department.

As for the future of Netflix and gaming, it will still be a while before fans find out what's on the horizon. Netflix's teaser indicates the company has some big announcements coming, and the fact that it chose to use the Netflix NX account to do it suggests it will be more properties with a distinct supernatural or sci-fi vibe to them. What's next for Netflix Original games? The world will find out sometime between June 11 and June 13 at E3 2019.

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Source: NXOnNetflix/Twitter

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