Netflix Went Down This Morning Around The World

Netflix is down for subscribers all over the world - including in the U.S. - but the company states they're working to resolve the issue.

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UPDATE: Netflix is now back up and running.

Forget about Netflix and chill this morning: Netflix is down for many users across the world, including in the U.S. This outage comes only weeks after the launch of what could be Netflix's most significant competitor Disney+. Although Disney+ also had issues upon launch, potentially due to the sheer numbers of users signing up, Netflix's service has been stable for most users.

In response to the launch of Disney+, Netflix has started ramping up its original content. The company recently announced a new partnership with Nickelodeon that will give the service some new family-friendly programming. However, the company continues to ramp up its content for adults as well. It remains committed to its more mature series, such as Stranger Things, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and The Crown. Netflix also has a reputation for excellent customer support, and downtime for the service has been rare.

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As of today, though, Netflix subscribers from all over the world are reporting problems with the service on Down Detector, an online outage tracking site. These reports are coming from Japan, China, Europe and the U.S. Although users can sign into their accounts, they are unable to watch any movies or TV shows, the site throws up an error page. Netflix acknowledged the issues on its website, posting that it is "currently experiencing issues streaming on all devices." The company also apologized and stated that it is working on a fix. The Netflix support Twitter account has spent the morning responding to individual users regarding the problems, stating that it will continue to update users on its status throughout the day.

This kind of worldwide outage is a rare occurrence for Netflix. The company has not made a statement regarding the origins of the outage, although some might speculate that it is the result of a targeted attack against the service. These kinds of attacks do happen: Sony has been the target of several attacks, including some that have affected the PlayStation Network. However, there is no evidence that Netflix's outage today was the result of anything other than the usual issues, and the company has been upfront in keeping its users updated on the site's status.

Regardless, the outage comes at a time when Netflix is beginning to struggle under the onslaught of multiple competitors. It seems that everyone now wants in on the streaming business, meaning that Netflix will need to keep abreast of any issues the site might experience, as well as keep subscribers happy, so they don't go looking for their chill elsewhere.

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