Watch Avengers Stars Eat Oysters With Jon Favreau On Netflix’s The Chef Show

Netflix releases a clip for The Chef Show, in which Jon Favreau eats oysters with Marvel Studios Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland.

The Chef Show Tom Holland

Netflix releases a teaser clip for The Chef Show, in which Jon Favreau eats oysters with friends from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The clip features Avengers stars Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr., along with the Russo brothers and MCU franchise head Kevin Feige. 

In The Chef Show, Favreau and chef Roy Choi explore the wonders of good food with celebrity friends. The two collaborated for the 2014 dramedy Chef, in which Favreau portrays a Los Angeles food connoisseur who trades his chic restaurant job for a food truck. The film was a surprise hit for Open Road Films, as Chef out-earned its $11 million budget four times over. As for Choi, he co-produced Chef and is known for creating Kogi, a Los Angeles-based food truck franchise that serves a fusion of Korean and Mexican food. For Netflix’s The Chef Show, Choi executive produced the series premiere. 

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Netflix released a 23-second video for The Chef Show entitled “First Oyster.” The clip begins with a close-up shot of Holland staring at an oyster platter, followed by a wide shot that reveals the aforementioned MCU guests. Choi takes the lead by adding some cocktail sauce to the featured meal, and the group watches as Holland consumes the oyster and offers approval. As a whole, the clip doesn’t feature any jokes from Downey Jr. or the Russo Brothers, however it does highlight the experience of tasting a specific food for the first time. Per EW, the moment takes place at the Atlanta restaurant The Optimist, and The Chef Show season 1 will include guests such as filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Check out The Chef Show clip below.

For Netflix, The Chef Show complements the streaming service’s existing food-centric series. In 2018, Netflix released Ugly Delicious, a program hosted by restaurateur David Chang. The series explores the relationship between cultures and specific foods, along with historic concepts that the average food enthusiast may not necessarily understand. Netflix actually has a genre page dedicated to “Food Shows,” which includes popular series like Street Food, Nailed It!, Chef’s Table, The Great British Baking Show, Somebody Feed Phil, and Hyper Hard Boiled Gourmet Report. Earlier this month, we revealed our Top 10 list of food documentaries to watch on Netflix, which includes a 2012 series that explores the creative process of a chef, and features the late Anthony Bourdain. 

The Chef Show appears to be another excellent addition to Netflix’s vast collection of culinary programs, and foodies will undoubtedly appreciate any tips that Favreau and Choi have to offer. Of course, the inclusion of MCU stars means that The Chef Show will be quite popular when it premieres in full. For Netflix subscribers, The Chef Show represents yet another series that can be enjoyed one hour at a time from the couch, or perhaps a series that plays in the background while one cooks up something new and tasty in the kitchen.

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