Netflix's Castlevania TV Show Goes Retro With International Poster

Netflix have released an international poster for their forthcoming Castlevania adaptation and there's a distinct sense of nostalgia in the night air. Castlevania is best known as the long-running fantasy horror video game series that first began back in 1986, and new installments continue to be produced. The games are centered on the Belmont family, a group of vampire hunters and were well-loved for their mixture of action and puzzle-platforming (as well as their awesome soundtracks).

Earlier this year, online streaming giants Netflix announced that they would be releasing an animated Castlevania series from Adi Shankar with a four-part season due to drop later this year (and a second season slated for 2018). The first season is reportedly based on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse and Shankar has promised not to tone down the action and violence for the small screen. The first Castlevania TV show trailer seemed to confirm this and features plenty of nods to the original game series.

Castlevania's international poster (via Famitsu) also appears to come with more than a whiff of nostalgia. The image features our whip-wielding Belmont hero, with the series' antagonist and eponymous castle looming large in the background. The poster is vastly more retro than Netflix's domestic Castlevania poster and is surely hoping to cash in on the video games' enduring popularity in Japan.

Castlevania Netflix International Poster

As fans of the games will no doubt have noticed, the poster is essentially a recreation of the original cover art for the franchise's 1986 debut installment - albeit with more contemporary imagery and less of the corny Dracula. This suggests that the Netflix series will not be an adaptation that seeks to distance itself from its source material and will remain faithful to the style, tone and story that Castlevania has become famous for.

When the trailer for the new series first hit the web, many fans were somewhat disappointed that the project was animated, rather than a live-action interpretation of the Belmont clan's adventures. Clearly, there is a significant market for a Castlevania adaptation that utilizes real actors and sets - and the fact that the series is animated may somewhat dampen the initial enthusiasm that surrounded the announcement of the project.

However, the medium of animation does give the Castlevania series far better scope to capture the kind of frantic action, cartoonish violence and fantasy-based characters that the franchise is known for. It's also worth remembering that live-action video game adaptations have an appalling track record, so perhaps the animated route was the correct one to take after all. Only time will tell.

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Castlevania premieres July 7th on Netflix.

Source: Netflix (via Famitsu)

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