Netflix's Castlevania Will Screen at Rooster Teeth Animation Festival

Netflix's upcoming Castlevania animated series is officially slated to screen at the Rooster Teeth Animation Festival. Based on the classic action-adventure video game franchise created and developed by Konami way back in 1986, producer Adi Shankar serves as showrunner, alongside executive producers Fred Seibert and Kevin Kolde of Frederator Studios.

Fresh off of the release of the series' first official trailer, the series aims to please longtime fans of the old school Dracula-fighting gaming classic that's still remembered fondly to this very day. Seeing fit to offer plenty of allusions to the property's retro pastCastlevania fans will no doubt want to tune in for the new show when it hits the streaming service later next month -- though a recent announcement makes it clear that some lucky viewers may be able to see it earlier than that.

According to Rooster Teeth, Castlevania will screen at the popular gaming website's very own Rooster Teeth Animation Festival -- itself a small part of RTX 2017 hosted in Austin, Texas. For those in attendance, Shankar's animated adaptation will be screened theatrically for diehard gaming fans, and for fans of more mature oriented animated fare, which this series certainly seems to be.

Castlevania Netflix Series Screening at Rooster Teeth Animation Festival

It's definitely exciting to learn that Rooster Teeth's reputation has grown enough that RTX could provide fans their first glimpse at the new series, as such a gesture speaks well to the enthusiasm that the Castlevania franchise is still greeted with, and with the hopes that the original animated series will do the former justice. The theatrical screening of the series will be held at the Paramount Theater in downtown Austin, Texas, with director Sam Deats and executive producers Seibert and Kolde in attendance.

With any luck, the screening will prove to be a net positive for not only the upcoming series, but for the event itself. And, in addition, hopefully RTX 2017 attendees will be pleased with everything that the show has to offer. Shankar is definitely no stranger to producing a hit genre production -- as evidenced by his work in bringing the cult-classic Judge Dredd reboot from 2012 to life -- and with any luck his latest work for Netflix will prove to be no different. In the meantime, here's to hoping for the very best from Shankar and company as the July premiere edges ever nearer.

Castlevania will premiere on Netflix starting July 7, 2017.

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Source: Rooster Teeth

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