Black Mirror: 10 Places We've Seen The Stars Of Season 5

Black Mirror is a science fiction series with stories that center around technology. Netflix bought this series in 2015, as it used to be on a British TV channel, and now, the fifth season - with its three episodes - has been released.

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Whether these new episodes are liked by fans or not, it is time to go over the other places where we have seen these stars! Yes, besides appearing in either "Striking Vipers", "Smithereens" or "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too", these actors and actresses have also been in the following TV shows and films:

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10 Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie was in the first episode of this new season of Black Mirror, “Striking Vipers”; he played the lead character, Danny. Before becoming part of this sci-fi show, though, he appeared in films such as 8 Mile, The Manchurian Candidate, Million Dollar Baby, We Are Marshall, The Hurt Locker and What's Your Number?. He is known best for his role in the world of superheroes, as he was Sam Wilson (aka Falcon) in Captain America: The Winter Soldier from 2014! He went on to play this character in the Avengers films, as well as in Ant-Man from the year 2015.

9 Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was also in “Striking Vipers” as Karl, a character who had a pretty important part within this unique story. He has been seen in some other notable works, as well. In Baywatch, he was Sgt. Ellerbee. In The Greatest Showman, he was W.D. Wheeler. And in Aquaman - another superhero flick - he was Manta! This actor has been in other television series, too, such as Watchmen and an episode of The Handmaid's Tale in 2018. His IMDb page has several things in the post-production phase, so get ready to see more of this guy.

8 Ludi Lin

The other memorable characters from “Striking Vipers” were in the video game from this episode, and actor Ludi Lin played the male character, Lance. A fun fact is that he, too, was in Aquaman from 2018, as he played Captain Murk! The year before that, Lin was in another action-packed movie:  Power Rangers. Yes, he helped bring Zack, the Black Ranger, to the big screen, so that fans old and young could see a new adventure about these heroes. People can prepare to see more of him when watching TV and movies, as well.

7 Pom Klementieff

There is a definite superhero theme going on here, since the last person that will be mentioned from this particular episode is also known for a role in a popular film series. On Black Mirror, Pom Klementieff was the female character within the video game, whose name was Roxette. Did she look familiar to anyone? She is also Mantis from the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers movies! Klementieff seems to be another one who enjoys and is good at those action roles, so she will probably be seen again real soon.

6 Topher Grace

A very familiar face was on the second episode of this season; in “Smithereens”, Topher Grace portrayed Billy Bauer. Now, before Grace became part of the Black Mirror world, he was in flicks such as Mona Lisa Smile, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Valentine's Day and Interstellar.

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His two biggest roles, though, have been on Spider-Man 3 from 2007 (he was Venom / Eddie Brock) and, of course, on That '70s Show. Yes, he starred as Eric Forman from 1998 to 2006, and it was neat for fans of that television series to see him on his silent retreat here!

5 Andrew Scott

Fleabag Season 2 Phoebe Waller-Bridge Andrew Scott Priest

The star of “Smithereens” was a character named Chris Gillhaney, who was portrayed by actor Andrew Scott. Here are some other places he has been seen: In the TV show Sherlock, he was Jim Moriarty / Professor Moriarty in the year 2016. And in the fantasy film Alice Through the Looking Glass, which was also from the year 2016, he played Dr. Addison Bennet, who accused Alice of suffering from female hysteria. His part in Black Mirror, though, was a powerful one for sure, and even if not everyone was happy about this season, they surely appreciated this episode’s message on safety.

4 Marc Menchaca

The third story within this season was titled “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”, and in it, Marc Menchaca portrayed the father, Kevin. This actor has been in tons of TV shows, like Guiding Light, Law & Order, CSI, Flashforward, Homeland, The Blacklist and Elementary. Recently, though, he has had two notable roles in two exciting shows; first, he was on Ozark as Russ Langmore, a very intriguing (and bearded!) character, and then he appeared on The Sinner as Glen Fisher. Oh, and on his IMDb page, there are seven things in the post-production phase - Busy man!

3 Susan Pourfar

Spoiler Alert - The “bad guy” of this episode was Catherine, Ashley’s aunt. Actress Susan Pourfar brought this character to life, and she is another who has been in a great deal of TV shows over the years, such as The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie, The Good Wife, Law & Order and Mr. Robot. On the series Scandal, she was Becky Flynn. On the series House of Cards, she was Nora Cafferty. And on the series The Sinner (which Marc Menchaca, who was just mentioned up above, was on, as well), she was Cora's Public Defender.

2 Madison Davenport

Madison Davenport and Angourie Rice Black Mirror Season 5 Netflix

There were two daughters within the story told through “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”, and Madison Davenport played one of them (Jack, the older one, who was not really into Ashley at first). This young actress has been seen around before, too.

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She was Ethel on Shameless, she was Emily Harper on Save Me, she was Kate Fuller on From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, and she was Ashley Wheeler on Sharp Objects. She has also appeared in movies like The Possession from 2012, Noah from 2014, and Sisters (with stars such as Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph) from 2015.

1 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana

And now, here she is, the one everyone has been waiting for… In case anyone did not know, actress and singer Miley Cyrus was on this season of Black Mirror. And in case anyone did not know, she is a big-time celebrity who went from Hannah Montana to the Nicholas Sparks movie The Last Song to a pop princess that is married to Liam Hemsworth! Yes, she was Miley Stewart / Hannah Montana once upon a time, but in this creepy-cool and tech-driven world, she became Ashley and Ashley Too - a different singer with a different story.

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