Where Is Netflix The Best Value? Here Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive Countries

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Netflix remains one of the biggest streaming platforms on the planet, but its pricing varies according to which country you live in. New analysis reveals where it's cheapest, most expensive, and where you'll get the best value.

During the first quarter of 2018, Netflix had 125 million subscribers, and it's easy to see why. The library is plentiful, with classic TV shows and movies to enjoy, as well as Netflix original programming, which includes must-see titles such as Daredevil, The Crown, and Stranger Things. In fact, many may agree that the subscription price is worth it based on the original shows alone.

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But how much does Netflix actually cost across the globe? A report from Comparitech breaks it all down, adjusting cost by exchange rates into dollars and measuring up against what's available. The results are pretty interesting.

Where Netflix is Cheapest

Netflix and Turkey

Based purely on the cost of a monthly subscription, Netflix is cheapest in Turkey, where it costs an amazing $3.27 per month. This is considerably cheaper than the next countries - Argentina on $4.72 and then Brazil on $5.36 per month. Next is Japan, where you can expect to pay $5.86.

It's thus quite a step up for domestic audiences: Canadians enjoy Netflix for just $6.90 per month, while those in the U.S. pay $7.99. Other countries are cheaper on a per month basis; for example, the U.K. is $7.87 per month. These amounts are, of course, subject to exchange rates but they show how Netflix adjusts prices for different countries.

  1. Turkey - $3.27 per month
  2. Argentina - $4.72 per month
  3. Brazil - $5.36 per month
  4. Japan - $5.86 per month
  5. Mexico - $5.88 per month

Where Netflix is Most Expensive

Netflix Cost in Europe

European countries fare the worst when it comes to the cost of Netflix. In five countries, it costs over $12 a month for the service, with Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands stumping up the most at $12.37. Switzerland and Liechtenstein pay $12.04, while Norway and Sweden pay $10.95 and $10.17 respectively. Then a number of other countries across Europe all charge $9.34 per month for Netflix, while Poland charges a penny less, $9.33. All of these high prices are made more extreme by the smaller content libraries - which brings us to the topic of value.

  1. Denmark/Greenland/Faroe Islands - $12.37
  2. Switzerland/Liechtenstein - $12.04
  3. Norway - $10.95
  4. Sweden - $10.17
  5. Ireland/Finland/Belgium/Hungary/Slovakia/Czech Republic/Russia/Lithuania/France/Germany/Netherlands/Spain/Italy - $9.34

The Countries Where Netflix Is The Best Value

Netflix and Japan

The costs so far have been assuming that all Netflix subscriptions are created equal. Everything changes when you take into account the size of the library available and calculate the cost on a per title basis. While the US has a massive library of 5746 titles (an average cost of $0.0014 per title), the likes of Hong Kong have as low as 2981 ($0.0027 per title).

This makes Japan the best value of all. With 5986 titles, the library available to them is the largest, and the cost a relatively modest $5.86, making for $0.0010 per title average. Next up is Canada ($0.0013), whose lower cost makes up for a smaller library and Brazil, who despite having one of the smallest selection, with 2929 titles, is so cheap it winds up comparable to the U.S.

  1. Japan - $0.0010
  2. Canada - $0.0013
  3. Brazil/United States - $0.0014
  4. India/Australia/United Kingdom - $0.0015
  5. Singapore/Hungary - $0.0022

The Countries Where Netflix Is The Worst Value

Netflix and Norway

Unsurprisingly, the countries with the most inflated cost for Netflix also wind up with some of the worst value. In fact, many countries that cost over $10 have more restrictive libraries: Norway's $10.95 gets you 3318, making for a $0.0033 per title average - over three times as much as Japan.

  1. Norway - $0.0033
  2. Poland - $0.0031
  3. Italy/Sweden/Spain - $0.0030
  4. The Netherlands - $0.0028
  5. Hong Kong/France/Germany -  $0.0027



If you're in the U.S., U.K. or Canada, odds are you're getting a good deal on Netflix. However, if you're elsewhere in Europe - especially Scandinavia - you're probably paying considerably more for less. Perhaps you'd be better off moving to Japan!

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Source: Comparitech

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