Netflix: The Best Movies And TV Shows Leaving In June

It’s that time again, kids. Like clockwork, Netflix has released their list of last calls that are leaving the streaming service starting June 1st. Luckily, they’re making way for some real gems, including a number of original films, plus new and returning original TV shows. And then there’s Catwoman. Who in their right mind is going to purposefully watch that piece of garbage again?

While there might be a few questionable additions in the bunch, there are quite a few good movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in June. Once again, it’s been reported that Star Wars: The Clone Warsdays are numbered (although it didn’t appear on the official list of titles released earlier this week). Then we’ve got some classic kids films from the '90s, which you’ll have to watch via your battered old VHS tapes in the very near future if you don't get to streaming now. Both Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee have films leaving Netflix in June too, although they’re about as different as night and day.

Whatever strikes your fancy, grab a bowl of popcorn and get watching before it’s too late! Here are the 15 Best Movies & TV Shows Leaving Netflix In June.

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Yoda in Star Wars Clone Wars
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15 Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Yoda in Star Wars Clone Wars

George Lucas’ Star Wars empire has trickled into an expanded universe since the original trilogy, and it continues to spawn new stories in various mediums. For those fans who are fully invested in the world of Star Wars, new additions are viewed with the utmost scrutiny. Despite this fact, The Clone Wars—an animated series originally airing on Cartoon Network—has become a fan favorite.

Upon its premiere, the show brought in almost four million viewers, and for good reason. Taking place between Episodes I and II, the series features a number of beloved characters like Obi-Wan, Anakin, Yoda, Darth Maul, and Ashoka. Aside from the familiar CGI faces, The Clone Wars is also surprisingly engaging for an animated series, with excellent writing and story development.

While it was reported back in February that the animated series would be leaving in early March, The Clone Wars has stuck around for an additional three months. Now it appears that the show’s up for renewal again, although it’s unlikely it’ll get saved a second time. You better binge it, just to be safe.

14 D2: The Mighty Ducks

As '90s teen sports movies go, The Mighty Ducks series was one of most fun and memorable. Leaving Netflix next month is the sequel to the first film, entitled D2: The Mighty Ducks. This time around, the Ducks are representing Team USA at the Junior Goodwill Games, with coach Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) returning to bring home a victory. The stakes are higher, the slapshots are more intense, and the penalties are even more ridiculous (lassoing a player? Really?), but that only makes it all the more entertaining.

With the addition of a few new players and dealing with Coach Bombay’s inflated ego, the team has trouble finding their footing at first, especially against the brutal Team Iceland. (They're the team in black, so you know they're the bad guys.) But as always, they find their way by working together and playing to each other’s strengths, pulling out all the stops just in the nick of time.

While not quite as successful as its predecessor, D2 was actually better received by critics. It’s full of heart and hope, making it a worthwhile watch. However, whether you watch it with kids or for the '90s nostalgia, you only have until June 1st to give it a go.

13 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

A late '80s classic you should definitely check out before the end of the month is Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Produced by Disney, the film was an unexpected success, grossing over $200 million on a budget of only $18 million. Released in 1989, the film spawned two sequels, a late '90s TV show that aired on ABC, and even a themed playground at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Rick Moranis is at his nerdy best, playing an eccentric scientist (Wayne Szalinski) who invents a shrink ray that accidentally miniaturizes his and his neighbor’s kids. As a result, everything becomes a lot more challenging, as the kids try to navigate everything from their forest-like lawn to an attack from a scorpion and even a bowl of cereal. It’s a whole lot of Disneyfied family fun, and honestly, the visuals are so fantastically imaginative that it’s extremely entertaining no matter how old you are.

12 The Crow

Brandon Lee in The Crow

Before Bran was warging into his direwolf, Eric Draven was able to fly and see through the eyes of a crow. Based on a 1989 comic of the same name, The Crow starred Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon Lee, in the title role. After being brutally murdered (along with his fiance) by a band of thugs, Draven is resurrected with superhuman abilities by a mystical crow. What follows are some of the most graphic and brutal revenge killings seen on film during the '90s, as Draven tracks down the perpetrators and takes them out one by one.

Some say The Crow single-handedly inspired the Hot Topic generation, or at the very least became a cult classic among goths everywhere. Aside from tackling some very dark material, Lee himself was killed during the filming by an accidental gunshot wound, which added an even greater allure for those of the morbid persuasion. In fact, Lee—like his character—was engaged to be married before his death, an eerie and unfortunate coincidence to be sure. A reboot is in the works, supposedly starring Jason Momoa, but it seems to still be stuck in development hell after getting tossed around several production companies.

11 The Lazarus Project

Paul Walker in The Lazarus Project

While Paul Walker was best known for The Fast and the Furious franchise, he made a number of thrillers in between his outings as Brian O’Connor, including a straight-to-DVD release called The Lazarus Project. If films with no box office history are a turnoff for you, have no fear. Although the pacing of The Lazarus Project runs on the slow side, the mystery and interesting premise will keep you engaged for all 100 minutes.

The film starts off like many other crime dramas often do—a former criminal backslides into “one last heist,” which goes horribly wrong and ruins his chance at turning his life around. Only this time, we see his punishment and the after effect of it, which isn’t quite as it seems. Somehow, Ben Garvey (Walker) ends up working at a mental institution even though he was supposedly executed on death row. The rest will have you working out just what the hell is going on right alongside Garvey, as he struggles to come to terms with his past and the situation he now finds himself in.

10 Private Practice - Seasons 1-6

Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepard Kate Walsh as Dr Addison Montgomery in Private Practice

The Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Private Practice will say sayonara to Netflix come June 6th. Another gem of a show courtesy of hitmaker Shonda Rhimes, Private Practice centers around Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) after leaving Seattle Grace Hospital for a shared...private practice. While she’s left her old life and old loves behind, Addison still manages to create chaos and break hearts wherever she goes, just as she did during her time on Grey’s Anatomy.

Although the series only lasted about half the amount of time of Grey’s, it offered just as much heart-pounding drama, both within the operating room and outside it. Plus, the series really plays to its connection to Grey’s Anatomy, and the two shows’ shared fans, with a number of crossover episodes adding to the theatrics. Granted, not all medical shows are created equal, or for the same viewership, and while Private Practice definitely caters to the same 18-49 female demographic, there's a little something for everyone here. Since Addison works in Obstetrics and Gynecology, there’s a lot of sex talk, and a lot of actual sex too. This definitely isn't your grandma's medical drama.

9 The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

Angela Davis in the Black Power Mix Tape

Anyone interested or involved in the current Black Lives Matter movement, or the political happenings of the 1960s, owe themselves a viewing of The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975. A documentary pieced together from long lost footage taken by Swedish journalists, interspersed with music and contemporary commentary, the film covers the Black Power movement and those inexorably linked to it.

In particular, the film delves deep into the Civil Rights Movement, especially in relation to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Stokely Carmichael, who ultimately had different ideologies when it came to the rights of their people. Other topics touched on include Nixon’s controversial war on drugs and the inherent racism of the prison system. Angela Davis features prominently throughout the documentary as well, even providing some commentary about her experiences during that time. It’s a film that has been lovingly put together into a multimedia collage of sorts, providing both a cultural and historical record of a tumultuous time for African Americans and our country.

8 The Blair Witch Project

Heather in The Blair Witch Project

By today’s standards, The Blair Witch Project may seem tame and a little bit hokey, especially because of all the hype that surrounds it. However, despite all the Paranormal Activity and REC films that have come since then, The Blair Witch Project really popularized the “found footage” look in horror films to give the creepy illusion of realism. It also effectively launched a viral marketing campaign that turned a $60,000 micro-budget film into a multi-million-dollar money making machine that’s still spawning sequels as of last year.

For anyone that saw it in theaters, there was no doubt that at least half the audience was digging their nails into the person sitting next to them purely because of the buildup and anticipation. We all were waiting to see just what this so-called Blair Witch looked like and what ultimately happened to Josh. If it’s your first time to the horror show, fasten your seatbelt and prepare to join a group of film students as they seek to document the fabled Blair Witch -- or die trying.

7 Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer

Even though it bombed in epic fashion at the box office, Wet Hot American Summer has gone on to develop a cult following since its 2001 release. Netflix even produced a prequel series called Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, featuring the original cast and releasing exclusively on the streaming service in 2015.

After watching Wet Hot American Summer for the first time, you’ll discover it becomes like a tradition, setting the tone for your own summer of love. As Camp Firewood’s staff struggles to reel in a suitable summer fling, you can’t help but giggle at how ridiculously awful they are in love — and at their jobs. (Seriously though. Those poor kids.)

Aside from being hilarious, the film features an all-star cast of then-up-and-coming comedic actors, including Amy Poehler, David Hyde Pierce, and Michael Ian Black among others who hadn’t yet reached their peak of stardom (oh hey, Bradley Cooper, didn't see you there). It’s a definite must watch, especially in preparation for the sequel, 10 Years Later, releasing sometime later this year.

6 Jane Eyre

Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowski in Jane Eyre

There have been many adaptations of Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre—both for the small and big screen—but Cary Fukunaga’s version definitely makes it into the top two. As English romances go, Jane Eyre has some of the most poetic and moving dialogue in the genre, and it's translated impeccably well in the film. Michael Fassbender delivers one of his best performances as the brooding Mr. Rochester, master of Thornfield Hall. Fassbender always has a controlled intensity about him that’s even more fascinating to watch in the context of a love story.

Meanwhile, Mia Wasikowska really nails the title character’s passion, independence, and strong sense of morality. There’s no over the top grandeur here, just the story of a girl making do with the hand she’s been dealt in life. Lucky for her, she wins out in the end, obtaining wealth and love as a result of her own choices, when she had neither to start with. It's definitely worth a watch with a cup of tea in one hand and your significant other by your side.

5 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

ET The Extra Terrestrial Henry Thomas Steven Spielberg

A story of friendship, family, and growing up, E.T. follows a young boy named Elliot, who discovers and forms a very special bond with a visitor from outer space. E.T. was left behind by his fellow aliens in a rush to avoid getting caught by humans while they were collecting samples from Earth. A young Drew Barrymore, in one of her first roles, appears as Elliot’s adorable younger sister, Gertie.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Steven Spielberg’s seminal kid-friendly sci-fi pic, surpassed even Star Wars at the box office upon its release. Since then, it’s inspired countless other films like J.J. Abram’s Super 8 and television shows like Netflix’s megahit Stranger Things. There are a number of memorable scenes throughout the film that have been parodied and referenced over the years, such as Elliot and his friends riding their bicycles past the moon and E.T. hiding in a pile of stuffed animals.

Like many of Spielberg’s early films, E.T. has become iconic, a true testament to his filmmaking style and skill as a director. As such, the film has cemented its place as a piece of pop culture that endures to this day, 35 years later.

4 The Hustler

Paul Newman in The Hustler

If you consider yourself a film buff—or at the very least one that can appreciate classic films (even if they’re in black and white)—do yourself a favor and check out The Hustler while you still can. Paul Newman is in his blue-eyed, dreamboat prime as pool shark “Fast Eddie” Felson, who’s determined to make it big time as a hustler. He faces off against Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason), the reigning legend in pool who's in bed with some shady characters.

Aside from memorable (and Academy Award nominated) performances from Newman and Gleason, The Hustler also features George C. Scott, who went on to play Gen. ‘Buck’ Turgidson in Dr. Strangelove and who famously refused his Academy Award for Best Actor when he won for Patton in 1970. Twin Peaks fans might also vaguely recognize the actress who plays Sarah in The Hustler as Piper Laurie, better known as the devious, two-timing Catherine Martell.

3 CSI: NY - Seasons 1-8

Melina Kanakaredes as Stella Bonasera Eddie Cahill as Don Flack Gary Sinise as Mac Taylor in CSI NY

While crime dramas and police procedurals are a dime a dozen these days, there’s a reason the CSI shows have stuck around for so long. Each week, they manage to come up with interesting and mysterious crimes without coming off as overly formulaic. The original CSI did that extremely well, and CSI: NY managed to follow in its predecessor's footsteps for nine solid seasons.

You can thank Lieutenant Dan for that—uh, we mean Gary Sinise of course. That man just has a knack for playing characters with a military past in an emotionally interesting way, doesn't he? What’s great about CSI: NY, aside from the engaging characters, constant drama, and new crimes to solve, is how it interweaves so well with real life. Sinise’s character, Mac Taylor, had a wife who was killed in 9/11, and he was said to have been appointed to the NYPD while Rudy Giuliani was still Mayor of New York City. You won't likely finish all 8 seasons before it leaves Netflix, but give it a shot anyway. We believe in you!

2 The Way of the Dragon

Bruce Lee in The Way of the Dragon

If you’re going to watch any of Bruce Lee’s films, make it The Way of the Dragon (also known as Return of the Dragon). Lee wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the film, which just goes to show how immensely talented he was. He wanted The Way of the Dragon to pave the way for more polished Hong Kong martial arts films that had fully fleshed out stories and didn’t rely so much on camp. It's a shame he didn't live long enough to make more awesome films like this one, but his work certainly inspired the genre filmmakers that followed in his footsteps.

In the film, Lee plays the martial artist Tang Lung, who’s hired by a restaurant owner in Rome to defend his property (and staff) from the mob. No matter who or what they throw at him, Tang always triumphs, utilizing his ridiculously precise fighting style. Despite that fact, the mob boss hires both an American and Chinese martial artist to face off against Tang. The entire movie is worth watching, even just for the one scene where Bruce Lee faces off against his American adversary, Chuck Norris. Yep. It’s even more epic than it sounds.

1 This is Spinal Tap

This is Spinal Tap

An ingenious parody of rock documentaries and the rock star life in general, This is Spinal Tap consistently ranks as one of the greatest movies of all time. Mastermind Rob Reiner wrote, directed, and starred in the film alongside Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer. The story follows a fictional rock band whom Reiner, as the real and fictional director of the film, interviews and records during one of their tours. Most of the main cast ad libbed the majority of their lines and even played their own instruments, further adding to the blurred lines of faux-realism amid the mockumentary.

Since its 1984 release, This is Spinal Tap has remained a favorite among actual rock bands, even influencing popular acts like Metallica. Singer/guitarist Kirk Hammett has said their own Black Album is a homage to Spinal Tap’s Smell the Glove , which, in the film, is released in all black after the original cover was deemed too controversial. Ultimately, This is Spinal Tap still seems to serve as a measure for just how serious a band takes themselves. On a scale of one to ten, this one would obviously be an eleven.


Which of these titles just shot to the top of your Netflix queue? Do you know of any other major movies and shows leaving the streaming service in June? Let us know in the comments!

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