The 10 Best Spanish Shows On Netflix Right Now

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Netflix has made tuning into international television shows incredibly easy. Years ago, the only way to watch an international show was to dive into the sketchy parts of the Internet for some pirated low-quality content. Considering television viewing habits were so limited to North American TV networks, you couldn't really get your hands on some quality international shows, until now.

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Netflix has allowed users to explore their very own "international" section, which has a wide variety of shows from just about all over. If you're really looking for some good shows to binge, you cannot go wrong with some of Netflix's captivating Spanish shows. From addictive reality television, all the way to the drug trade and cartel, here are the 10 best Spanish shows on Netflix right now!

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10 Club of Crows

Club de Cuervos Lead Actors

Club of Crows, originally titled Club de Cuervos, is a Netflix comedy-drama series that touches on the lives of the main characters, Salvador "Chava" Iglesias Jr and Isabel Iglesias-Reina, who are brother and sister. The show deals with the death of Salvador Iglesias Sr., the patriarch of a very distinguished family and the power struggle between his two children over who will receive complete ownership and control over the family's beloved football squad. The show is filmed and produced in Pachuca, Mexico and stars both Luis Gerardo Mendez as "Chava" along with Mariana Treviño as his sister Isabel. Netflix users can enjoy all four current seasons on Netflix and get a good laugh over all the drama that unfolds between these siblings embedded in a deep rivalry.

9 Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel, known in Spanish as Gran Hotel, is a Netflix drama starring lead actors Yon González and Amaia Salamanca, who are the two protagonists who end up falling in love. The series is filmed at the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander, Spain and is set in the early 20th century. Gonzáles, who plays Julio, arrives at a luxury hotel to meet with his sister, Cristina, however, he is only met with the news that his sister has disappeared. The show is centred around Julio and his mission to find his sister all while infiltrating the hotel as an undercover footman!

8 The House of Flowers

The House of Flowers, also known as La Casa de Las Flores, is a Netflix comedy-drama that revolves around an affluent family in Mexico, whose claim to fame and riches are all thanks to their renowned flower shop. There is a major turn of events when the patriarch of the family is caught being unfaithful and then sent away to prison before all of the families assets and accounts are completely frozen. The show then becomes centred around a mother and her two daughters and their hilarious attempts at making it through this tumultuous time with no money or power. Starring big names such as Verónica Castro, Cecilia Suárez, and Aislinn Derbez, there is absolutely no going wrong with this show.

7 Élite

This original Netflix series has captured the attention of just about anyone and everyone. Élite is a teen drama series surrounding the lives of three working-class students who are transferred to an exclusive preppy boarding school in Madrid, Spain. Despite them standing out like a sore thumb, it is the clash between them and the rich students that lead to a murder.

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With a predominantly young-adult cast, the show is geared more towards teenagers and young adults, however, it is entertaining enough to satisfy just about anyone. The show is certainly bingeworthy and considering there is only one season with eight episodes, you will be bound to wanting more.

6 Cable Girls

Cable Girls

Popularly known in Spanish as Las Chicas del CableCable Girls is a Spanish period drama set in the 1920s. The show tells the tale of Spain receiving its first even national telephone company, located in Madrid. The show, which is currently in its third season, illustrated the lives of four women who get jobs at the telephone company, however, it is much more than just a job for them. Starring actors Blanca Suárez, Nadia de Santiago, Ana Fernández and Maggie Civantos, as the "cable girls", the story is more than just them working at a telephone company, but the progress this represents for women at the time. This series has received countless positive reviews, declaring it as a show that is full of all sorts of twists and turns that keep the audiences both invested and captivated.

5 Queen of the South

Although this show is, in fact, an American show that first aired on USA Network, it's still worth a mention! Additionally, the show is an adaptation of the Spanish telenovela La Reina del Sur, which translates to the queen of the south. This show is an extension of the countless drug trade and cartel shows you'll find on Netflix, however, this one definitely stands out. The show depicts the stories of two powerful women, Camila Vargas, a Mexican-born leader who runs a billion dollar cartel in Texas, and Teresa Mendoza. who is captured by the cartel only to, later on, become the wealthiest cartel owner in all of South America. The level of drama in this series is unparalleled to any other show on Netflix and not only does it focus on female leads, but the storylines are absolutely genius. Audiences cannot go wrong with this show, which currently has two seasons available on Netflix.

4 Ingobernable

Keeping on the theme of female leads, the next Spanish show that is a must-watch on Netflix is none other than Igobernable. Despite the show starting off somewhat slow, it is still full of intrigue that allows audiences to finally experience the true greatness behind the show come mid-season. The show is focused on Emilia Urquiza, who becomes the first lady of Mexico, and is popularly known throughout the country as a strong woman full of conviction and ideas, however, her life is not all the perfect.

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The first lady becomes wary of her husband and loses faith in many of his choices, actions and decisions, which ultimately lead her on a mission to uncover the truths behind some of his very questionable motives. Audiences are taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions when watching this show full of surprising moments that make it well-worth the binge.

3 El Chapo

El Chapo, easily one of the most captivating drama series chronicles on Netflix right now, follows the rise, capture and escape of the notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. Marco de la O, who plays El Chapo, does a magnificent job at depicting the drug cartel lord and keeps audiences on the edge of their seat wanting more and more. Starting off as a low-member of the Guadalajara Cartel, El Chapo rises to power as the head of the Sinaloa Cartel. However, after trying to complete a failed task for Escobar, El Chapo finds himself having to pay the price. Even if action-filled dramas like this aren't really your thing, you are bound to find at least one aspect of this show to fall in love with.

2 Narcos

Diego Luna Narcos Mexico

Netflix's Narcos is hands-down the go-to show for all your action-filled drug cartel drama. Netflix depicts the rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia and the real-life stories of drug lords of the 1980s. This Netflix original series not only touches on the behind the scenes aspects of leading a drug cartel, but the lengths law enforcement goes through in order to fight against this massive industry.

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The show chronicles life-stories from major public figures such as none other than Escobar and the targets put on him by government officials and money hungry people that will stop at nothing to make a name for themselves. This captivating show, which is currently in its third season, really shows what really went on in Colombia in the late 80s and just how dangerous of a world people risked living in for money and power.

1 Money Heist

One of the best Spanish shows on Netflix right now is Money Heist, or Casa de Papel, as it is originally known as in Spanish. The show follows the life of "El Professor" who is probably one of the biggest masterminds in television history. "El Professor" scouts some of the most wanted people in all of Spain to help him commit one of the biggest heists in history. After coming up with a genius plan to infiltrate the Royal Mint of Spain, the group manages to steal nearly two billion euros all while walking away scot-free. How did they do it? Well, that is something you'll have to tune into in order to find out!

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