15The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) - Feb 1

Nightmare Before Christmas - Cropped

Somewhere in the world at any given time an eternal debate rages regarding The Nightmare Before Christmas. Is it a Halloween film? Is it a Christmas film? If this is truly a Tim Burton film, then where in the hell is Johnny Depp? Regardless of your answers to any of

the above answers, the fact remains that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a great film that you can never see too many times.

Sure, the film may be best viewed around the holidays (Halloween, Christmas, whatever), but watching it in February doesn’t diminish it in any way. The songs are still as magical as ever, and the animation is pure nostalgic goodness. To throw this film up on Netflix is to get a good dose of childhood cheer, and you could do much worse than starting off the month by watching something that feels like hot chicken soup thawing your winter-ravaged veins.

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