Netflix: 10 New Additions You Need to Watch This March


Are you done watching Love yet? Did you give up on Fuller House by now? Are you ready for a monster month of new releases by Netflix?

No matter what your answers are to the above questions, get ready to cancel your plans and break off communication with your family, because we’re about to tell you the 10 New Netflix Additions You Need to Watch This March.

10 Adult Beginners (2015) – March 1

Nick Kroll and Rose Byrne in Adult Beginners

Take an absurd amount of funny people, throw them together in a simple premise, and package it all up in an indie movie that you’d stumble on when turning on Netflix one night. That movie is Adult Beginners, and it’s exactly what you’d want when you’re searching through Netflix looking for a laugh.

Like last month’s Netflix release of The Overnight, but without all the nudity, Adult Beginners takes a story we’ve all seen before and gives it a fresh new take. Starring Nick Kroll and Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale and Joel McHale and Mike Birbiglia and so many others, you just can’t go wrong watching this film. You can’t. It’s a proven fact. So, there, your first Netflix choice of March has been taken care of early. You’re welcome.

9 Good Burger (1997) – March 1

Good Burger

By now you’ve seen Fuller House, so you know that nostalgia can grow teeth over time and bite you. The things you loved aren’t always as warm and rosy as you remember them, so you’d be right to approach cult classic Good Burger with caution.

While the film is still regarded as the standard by which all late '90s fast food themed films are judged, it is very '90s in its aesthetic and sense of humor, and you’ve grown up quite a bit since you last saw it. But, fear not, because Good Burger is still the same film you remember and love; you just have to learn to love it in a different way now. A more “wow, we’ve come a long way” way.

8 Scarface (1983) – March 1

Scarface - Tony Montana with gun

In Brian DePalma’s seminal 1983 crime epic Scarface, Al Pacino plays a guy who has a scar on his face and is, like, a guy who does drugs and has little friends and no one says hello to them so he gets mad and stuff. Right? There's also a bunch of cocaine and guns and some giant mansions that this all occurs in.

OK, so that’s not really the plot of Scarface, but you know what the plot of Scarface is. It’s one of the most famous movies in the history of cinema. And if you don’t know... Well, stop reading this immediately and go watch Scarface. Go. Hurry. Now.

7 House of Cards (Season 4) – March 4

Kevin Spacey is Frank Underwood in House of Cards Season 4

Are you sick of the US election cycle yet? Do you need a break? Good, because it’s time to take a break from the politics of the real world and enjoy something more tame, something less fictional, something that’s actually believable; the murderous world of Frank Underwood.

Perhaps more relevant than ever as it goes into its fourth season – and its last with original showrunner Beau Willimon – the series that started it all for Netflix is back. As prestige, award-winning, well-acted, dark-as-hell, and moodily lit as it’s ever been, House of Cards is everything you need it to be to get your fix of premium television for the winter. With a storyline that sees Frank Underwood running for president, expect the unexpected as Frank schemes his way into power; it’ll be the second most unbelievable presidential election you’ll see this year!

6 Louie (Season 5) – March 4

Netflix and the Emmy’s may categorize Louie as a comedy, but please for the love of god do not watch Louie if you’re feeling at all sad. It will not cheer you up. It will make you sad, upset, and slightly confused; because Louie is not a comedy; it’s Louis C.K.’s personal prank on the world. But it’s still spectacular.

If you’ve yet to see the fifth season of Louie, you should know that C.K. originally pitched it as “funnier than previous seasons.” Technically he’s correct – there’s some very funny stuff in this season – but the dread and existentialism outweigh the laughs and the joy here, since this is still Louie we’re talking about. Regardless, you should watch it because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen – and with the series' fifth season very likely being one of the last – you’ll never see anything like it again.

5 Comedy Bang! Bang! (Season 4, Part 3) – March 10

Scott Aukerman in Comedy Bang! Bang!

Can Scott Aukerman get his act together and just make Comedy Bang! Bang! in smaller seasons, rather than super-sized seasons that release in parts? No? Whatever, we don’t care. It’s weird and a little unsettling how Aukerman can keep the quality of Comedy Bang! Bang! way above most comedies at 40 episodes a season, but we’ll take it. We’ll take any Comedy Bang! Bang! we can get.

Showcasing all of the biggest names in pop-culture doing insane things that they’d never do anywhere else, Comedy Bang! Bang! is hilarious, inspiring, uplifting, and it often feels like you’re tripping on very potent drugs when you’re watching it. It’s a pretty natural fit for Netflix, and we can only assume that it’s the favorite show of every stoner who’s actually looking for a nature documentary at 4am. So if you fit into that category, or really any other comedy, watch this show please.

4 Flaked (Season 1) – March 11

Will Arnett in Flaked

The great thing about Netflix is its partnerships with certain talent, allowing writers and directors and actors and comedians the freedom to create great content in whatever form they want. So after Will Arnett’s fantastic starring role in BoJack Horseman, and Mitch Hurwitz’s miraculous resurrection of Arrested Development (also starring Arnett), we couldn’t be more excited for two of the most talented people in Hollywood to team up again for this Netflix original comedy, Flaked.

Created by Arnett and British writer Mark Chappell, Flaked is going to see Arnett do what he does best; play a liar who can’t keep up with his own lies. But rather than the scheming and incompetent liar that Arnett plays on Arrested, look for Flaked to come out of the dramedy mold of premium television, mixing heart with humor and allowing Arnett to put a new spin on a familiar character.

3 Netflix Presents: The Characters (Season 1) – March 11

Netflix Presents: The Characters

After W/ Bob and David it’s safe to say that we all wanted to see Netflix get more into sketch comedy. And thankfully Netflix has delivered, but this time it’s going even further than it did with its revival of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’ old sketch show.

With The Characters, Netflix has said that it’s created a sketch show without rules or restrictions. Simply put, it’s given eight comedians a half hour each to do anything they want. That’s it. It’s that simple. There’s been no hype or excessive marketing for this series; it’s just going to show up on Netflix and live or die in its strangeness – kind of the way sketch comedy is meant to be enjoyed. So enjoy it or don’t; no one really cares what you think about this one.

2 Daredevil (Season 2) – March 18


Daredevil is back for a second season, and this time The Man Without Fear doesn’t need to spend several episodes on establishing a Netflix Marvel Universe. He’s just going to get right to kicking ass and breaking limbs.

Considering there was a point last year when no one knew if there would even be a second season of Daredevil – the original plan was one season of each Marvel Netflix show, then a Defenders mini-series – you should enjoy the gritty superhero series while it lasts. Met with immense critical acclaim when it premiered last year (until Jessica Jones bowed and blew Daredevil out of the water), look for Daredevil to waste no time in giving the audience more of what they love, while also introducing fan favorite character The Punisher to a rapidly expanding Marvel television universe.

1 Pee-wee’s Big Holiday (2016) – March 18

Paul Reubens in Netflix's Pee-Wee's Big Holiday

ANOTHER great Netflix Original? How does Netflix do it? With tons of cash in the bank from subscribers like you? With heaps of data gathered from your profile, thus proving what you’re likely to watch? You’re right! That is how they do it!

Pee-wee’s Big Holiday has been a long time coming, originally set up at Universal Studios by Judd Apatow and Pee-wee himself, Paul Reubens, the world changed a lot since then and they moved the film over to Netflix. While we still don’t know Netflix films as well as we know their original series – the good Beasts of No Nation and the horrible The Ridiculous Six were the biggest two examples of Netflix films – what we do know is that Netflix reached into its aforementioned creative relationships to assemble the dream team for this film. Produced by Apatow, written by Reubens and Paul Rust – of Netflix’s Love fame – Pee-wee’s Big Holiday looks like a home run brought to us by all the people that we know and love. So thanks, Netflix! You really know what we want, and boy, do you ever deliver!


Which new addition are you most looking forward to? What are you still wishing Netflix would add for your viewing pleasure? Let us know in the comments!

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