Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Leaving In November

Netflix’s monthly rotation of films and TV shows is here again, and November 2018 sees us bidding farewell to several full film franchises - although there’s still time for a quick marathon if one of your favorites is on the way out!

Dinosaur fans, in particular, might have a sad November, with the entirety of both Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time disappearing this month. Other movies leaving include historical epics (like Anna Karenina and The Reader), a few newer films (including the family-friendly Paddington), and only one TV series: Undercover Boss.

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Here's the best of the movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in the coming weeks - and how long you have to enjoy them.

15. Amelie

Audrey Tautou in Amelie

This indie French flick is romantic, charming… and the definition of quirky. Starring Audrey Tatou, Amelie follows a quiet and shy waitress, who grew up in relative solitude, but who still cares deeply about the world around her. She spends her time trying to brighten the lives of the people in her neighborhood with small gestures, and her adventures bring her in contact with another, equally unique creative type - an adult video clerk who collects photobooth pictures left behind.

Leaving: Nov 1

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14. Cruel Intentions (1, 2 & 3)

Not everyone may realize that Cruel Intentions, the 1999 film inspired by Dangerous Liasons, actually turned into a series with a total of three films in it. The original Cruel Intentions was followed up with a prequel (Cruel Intentions 2) and a sequel (Cruel Intentions 3). Cruel Intentions 2 follows the same students (albeit with a different cast playing them), while Cruel Intentions 3 is almost entirely separate, although all three are about the manipulative sexual games played by the rich teens of exclusive schools.

Leaving: Nov 1

13. Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Ron Pearlman and Selma Blair in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

The follow up to 2004’s Hellboy, The Golden Army sees Ron Perlman return as the big red star of the show, battling to save the world from fantastical and demonic forces. Fans of the original will still enjoy this sequel, and superhero fans who haven’t yet discovered Hellboy may want to sneak in a quick re-watch before this leaves the streaming service… especially ahead of the Hellboy reboot due to hit the big screen next year.

Leaving: Nov 1

12. Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park III & The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

The original Jurassic Park trilogy returned to Netflix this summer, but it’s time to wave goodbye to these dino adventures, as they are once again becoming Netflix-extinct this November. The original 1993 film that started it all was followed by two sequels, before the reboot (Jurassic World) hit theaters in 2015. Neither of the newer two Jurassic World films are available on Netflix either, so it’s a dinosaur-free November for the streaming service.

Leaving: Nov 1

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11. Oculus


Halloween has come and gone, so now it’s time to say goodbye to some of Netflix’s horror catalog, including this 2014 flick starring Karen Gillan. Gillan plays Kaylie, a traumatized girl who is determined to get to the bottom of her parents’ brutal murders - although it’s quickly clear that the mirror connected to their gory deaths has been twisting the minds of its victims for centuries… a thriller for gore-lovers, Oculus can keep that Halloween vibe going a little longer.

Leaving: Nov 1

10. Phenomenon

John Travolta in Phenomenon

Last call for some 90s fantasy drama, with Phenomenon leaving Netflix this November. This 1996 film stars John Travolta as a nice guy in a small town who suddenly finds himself with miraculous powers after a bright light descends on him one night… but this is not superhero fare. Instead, it’s a film about the way that people react to someone suddenly becoming brilliant - and a little bit frightening in his abilities - and the possibility he has for love.

Leaving: Nov 1

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9. Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball

Fans of Smokin’ Aces may enjoy this 2010 prequel movie… but mostly because of the usual action-movie fodder; plenty of sexily clad women, men with big guns, and wildly unrealistic fight scenes. It’s definitely one for those boring fall evenings when it’s cold outside and something action-packed and not too complex is on the streaming agenda…

Leaving: Nov 1

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