• Netflix: 15 Best Movies And TV Shows Leaving In November

    Leaving Netflix this month are a whole host of horror and sci-fi films as the streaming service cleans house immediately after Halloween. For some reason, there’s even a Christmas film in there too. Go figure.

    A few modern fantasy favorites like Twilight and Hugo will also no longer remain come November. In their place are a lot more family-friendly films and TV shows in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday at the end of the month. It’s also of note that Netflix seems to have been purging titles in preparation for tons more original content, many of which are debuting this coming month.

    A handful of kids films, namely those produced by Disney, won’t remain either. Miley Cyrus’ alter-ego, Hannah Montana, leaves the streaming service quietly despite her current larger than life persona. Disney announced they’d start pulling their titles from Netflix a few months ago in preparation for their own streaming service, launching in late 2019.

    Comedies like The Heartbreak Kid and Heavy Weights, both Ben Stiller films, are also scheduled to leave Netflix in November. While typically there’s a balance between both movies and TV shows coming and going, only How I Met Your Mother ranks as a best-of-what’s leaving TV show.

    So as you recover from Halloween parties and candy overload this coming week, add these to your watch list and settle in for the 15 Best Movies and TV Shows Leaving Netflix in November.

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  • 15 / 15
    Matrix Trilogy

    One of the most popular movie trilogies of the past twenty years, The Matrix films brought cyberpunk to the masses on a scale that rivaled the Terminator franchise. Similarly, The Matrix deals with an AI antagonist, an agent who policies the faux reality created for humans by machines.

    Keanu Reeves plays a computer hacker and programmer who awakens to this reality and ultimately becomes the savior of humankind. As is often the case with movie franchises, the sequels are not nearly as highly regarded as the first, but nevertheless, they earned more money in theaters due to the anticipation of their release.

    Despite what you may think about Keanu Reeves as an actor, The Matrix trilogy remains of the most interesting original sci-fi stories in cinema history.

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  • 14 / 15

    Sparkly vampires aside, Twilight became a cultural phenomenon upon its 2008 release. Part of a Young Adult series about a teenage girl who falls for a vampire— after moving across the country to live with her dad— Twilight largely succeeded due to the rabid fan base of the books.

    Vampires have often been romanticized in pop culture, but Twilight took things to another level. An ordinary girl finds an extraordinary love, her eternal soulmate, while just struggling to get through her adolescence.

    A love triangle ensues between her, Edward Cullen (the vampire), and her friend Jacob Black (a wolf)—a dangerous scenario that made it all the more exciting for those who chose to entertain that sort of fantasy.

    If you’re a romantic at heart, chances are this film will appeal to you on some level, but it’s worth watching just to revel in how awkward Kristen Stewart is as a romantic lead.

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  • 13 / 15
    Hard Candy

    Despite its name, there’s nothing sweet about Hard Candy. Ellen Page’s breakout role has largely flown under the radar as an indie film, but it certainly shows off her emotional range as an actor.

    Page plays a teenager, Hayley, who lures a predator (played by Patrick Wilson) in a Chris Hansen-like scheme, in order to provide justice for a missing girl. She manages to catch him in his own trap, subjecting him to drugs, a stun gun, and even a faux castration.

    While it all seems rather harsh at first (especially for a teenage girl), as he begins to reveal more about his role in the crime, you can’t help but root for her to succeed. As twisted as it might be, Hard Candy packs an unexpected punch that should earn it a spot on watchlist.

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  • 12 / 15
    Goosebumps - Jack Black as R.L. Stine

    Fans of the 90s horror book series should definitely give the movie adaptation of Goosebumps a try. Many of your favorite stories have cameos in the film, which is like a monster version of The Twilight Zone episode, “A World of His Own”.

    R.L. Stine’s stories have come to life so he locks the manuscripts in a safe to keep them from escaping. But when a curious kid discovers them, all hell breaks loose as the monsters begin wreaking havoc on their town.

    In it, 13 Reasons Why’s Dylan Minnette stars as Zach Cooper with Jack Black as R. L. Stine. It’s the perfect Halloween movie to watch if you’re not into gore or if you get tired of watching Hocus Pocus on repeat for the next few days.

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  • 11 / 15
    Asa Butterfield in Hugo

    Although it was originally reported to have left Netflix in July, Martin Scorsese's Hugo has stuck around until now. The film follows Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfield), an orphan living in a train station, who sets out to solve a mystery left to him by his father (Jude Law).

    With the help of the niece (Chloe Grace Moretz) of a mysterious toy store owner (Ben Kingsley), Hugo discovers a lost piece of cinematic history hiding in plain sight— the French filmmaker Georges Méliès.

    Hugo has all the magic of your favorite childhood movies and so much more as it explores a key figure in movie-making. Find two hours in your day before November 1st to watch this film, guaranteed to re-inspire a sense of wonder in even the most stubborn movie fan.

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  • 10 / 15
    The Legend of Hell House
    The Legend of Hell House

    Some of the best horror films ever made came out in the '70s and '80s— Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining—but there are lots of underrated flicks you’ve probably never even heard of. Enter The Legend of Hell House, a haunted house movie with a twisted plot.

    An exploration of life after death, The Legend of Hell House takes place in the home of dead millionaire, Emeric Belasco. A physicist, a psychic medium, and the only survivor of a previous investigation, camp out in the home to uncover its secrets.

    As you might expect, strange things begin happening to the guests in the house, both violent and sometimes sexual in nature. While the restless spirits torment the living, the living eventually figure out the truth of the hauntings, which is actually pretty interesting. Give this one a chance if you like a little mystery with your horror.

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  • 9 / 15
    Christmas with the Kranks
    Christmas with the Kranks

    You’d think Netflix would leave this one alone until the end of the holidays, but they’re pulling Christmas With the Kranks in just a few days. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis star in this heartwarming tale of what happens when a couple decides to put off Christmas due to their daughter’s departure to the Peace Corps.

    What they thought was a good idea, turns into a destructive domino effect as they discover how much their community counts on them to participate in the holiday season. Hilarity ensues as their neighbors try to convince them to change their minds and embrace the Christmas spirit.

    Then, when their daughter comes home for a surprise visit, they’re forced to reevaluate their decision in order to prepare for her arrival. Grab a cup of cocoa and count the days til Christmas with a viewing of Christmas With the Kranks.

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  • 8 / 15
    Robert Carlyle and Guy Pearce in Ravenous

    Although it wasn’t a box office success, Ravenous has since garnered a cult following since its 1999 release. Set during the Mexican American War in the mid-1800s, the film is a story that fuses cannibalism with Native American folklore.

    According to legend, anyone who consumes the flesh of their enemy gains their strength (and restorative powers), but is doomed to a constant hunger for human flesh. It’s a pretty twisted horror film masquerading as a war film or historical drama.

    There are even elements of black comedy, which helped give it cult status in the first place. Robert Carlyle and Guy Pearce star as Colonel Ives and Captain John Boyd, the men who engage in a cat and mouse game of murder and cannibalism.

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  • 7 / 15
    The Heartbreak Kid
    Ben Stiller and Malin Akerman in The Heartbreak Kid

    A remake of the 1972 film of the same name, this version of The Heartbreak Kid stars Ben Stiller, Michelle Monaghan, and Malin Åkerman— with appearances by Jerry Stiller, Carlos Mencia, and Danny McBride among others.

    Directed by the Farrelly Brothers, The Heartbreak Kid is a black comedy, which focuses on one man’s preoccupation of finding “the perfect match.” While on his honeymoon, Eddie (Ben Stiller) finds out just how imperfect his new wife actually is, leading him to pursue another woman instead.

    A lot of physical comedy ensues, including awkward bodily functions, a jellyfish sting (which results in Eddie getting peed on), and even a post-credits scene involving a donkey... We’ll leave that one to your imagination, but it is a Farrelly Brothers film after all.

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  • 6 / 15
    Sky High
    Sky High sequel in the works

    One of the Disney films leaving Netflix in November, Sky High’s premise is about a group of high school students who are the children of superheroes, and supervillains. The teens go to school in order to hone their powers and learn how to be superheroes themselves, following in their parents footsteps.

    Freshman, Will Stronghold, doesn’t have any superpowers yet, and gets placed in a remedial class meant for sidekicks. But, after a fellow classmate steals a trophy from Will’s father—a super weapon called The Pacifier—he realizes she’s not who she says she is and that their whole community is in danger.

    Kelly Preston and Kurt Russell appear as Will’s parents and TV’s Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, also has a small role as Principal Powers.

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  • 5 / 15
    The Newton Boys
    The Newton Boys Cast

    A true story about a family of Texas bank robbers, The Newton Boys stars Matthew McConaughey, Skeet Ulrich, Ethan Hawke, and Vincent D’Onofrio.

    With the help of a corrupt bank director who sells them information on banks in the area, the brothers conduct both daytime and nighttime bank robberies, gradually becoming more and more embroiled in crime.

    After a robbery attempt in Toronto goes wrong, one of the brothers attempts to go straight, but his get rich quick scheme doesn’t work, leaving him open to one last heist attempt—this time on a train.

    One of Richard Linklater’s early films, The Newton Boys is a highly underrated crime drama with an all-star cast before they hit their prime.

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  • 4 / 15
    Hannah Montana: The Movie
    Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana Movie

    Before Miley Cyrus was using her tongue like an accessory, and riding naked on a wrecking ball, she was the epitome of the squeaky clean Disney kid. Her show, Hannah Montana, featured Miley as a teenager with a secret pop star identity who had to balance fame with ordinary teenage drama.

    In the film, a journalist threatens to expose her true identity as she journeys back to her hometown with her father (played by Miley’s actual father, Billy Ray Cyrus).

    As a result, Miley reconnects with her a childhood friend (and herself), while simultaneously helping save the town from getting converted into a shopping mall. Essentially just an extended TV episode, the film still ranks as a favorite for those who watched the Disney Channel religiously in the late-2000s.

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    Heavy Weights
    Heavy Weights Cast

    Judd Apatow’s first feature film script, Heavy Weights, was one of those films from the 90s you probably remember watching on TV during summer break.

    Even if you weren’t at summer camp, you could live vicariously through the characters of these movies, hoping your parents would let you go next year. The only difference with Heavy Weights is that these characters are sent to “fat camp,” a weight loss style of summer camp that focuses on physical fitness over fun in the sun.

    While audiences now are probably too politically correct to appreciate the humor of this film, it still has a number of hilarious moments thanks to Ben Stiller, the psycho camp director who’s hell bent on profiting off the kids weightloss, hoping to use their progress for a fitness commercial.

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  • 2 / 15
    V for Vendetta
    V Posing in V For Vendetta

    One of Natalie Portman’s best films, V for Vendetta takes place in a dystopian England, much like the future seen in George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984.

    Originally a graphic novel by Alan Moore, the film centers around two characters in particular, Evey (Portman) and V (Hugo Weaving), a masked vigilante who seeks to overthrow the fascist, centralized government. Through a series of events, V

    eventually recruits Evey to his cause, leaving her to continue out his work inspiring the people to rise up against their oppressors. V’s Guy Fawkes mask has become somewhat of a political statement since the film’s release, with groups like Anonymous using it as a symbol of their unity and resistance.

    An inspiring political thriller, V for Vendetta also acts a cautionary tale given the constantly changing political climate we’re faced with today.

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  • 1 / 15
    How I Met Your Mother: Seasons 1-9

    While Neil Patrick Harris got his start on Doogie Howser, M.D., it was his run as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother that got him his fame. Aside from the parallel love stories that are constantly happening, Barney’s ridiculous quips about women, masculinity, and sexuality were one of the major draws to watching HIMYM.

    He’s the quintessential bachelor, the bro’s bro, often acting as Ted’s wingman throughout the show. Despite being a total tool, Barney actually had his moments of wisdom, particularly at the end of the show when settles down with Robin.

    Although Marshall and Lily are undoubtedly adorable, HIMYM wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining without Barney. While you likely can’t binge the whole season, at least watch the first two and remember, “Nothing’s legendary without your friends there to see it.”


    Are you disappointed that any of these Netflix shows are leaving the streaming service? Let us know in the comment section!

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