Netflix: 15 Best Movies And TV Shows Leaving In March 2018

Sterling Archer in Archer Dreamland Episode 8

The start of March 2018 means bidding a fond farewell to some of our favorite Netflix offerings, as the streaming service does it’s usual monthly catalog clear-out to make way for new shows and movies coming this month.

Plus side? Of the sixty-ish titles leaving this March, most of the TV series are sticking around till the later half of the month, which means that there’s still time to binge the best stuff before we say goodbye. From some animated classics and Christmas movies to sitcoms and ‘90s cult hits, here are the fifteen best movies and shows to catch up on while there’s still time…

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15. FernGully: The Last Rainforest


This animated classic from the ‘90s packs an environmental message, but that’s not why anyone who grew up in the era loves FernGully: The Last Rainforest. It’s pure fantasy magic, as a rainforest fairy named Chrysta (Samantha Mathis) accidentally shrinks a logger, Zak (Jonathan Ward), and then enlists his help to try and save her magical forest from the logging company who wants to destroy it (the Avatar comparisons are hardly surprising). This hilarious ‘90s gem has a star-studded voice cast, including Tim Curry, Christian Slater and Robin Williams - and whether it’s a nostalgia re-watch or a first time viewing, FernGully is worth another watch.

Leaving: March 1

14. Jaws


Get back in the water for a last re-watch of the Jaws series, which is leaving Netflix on the first of the month. Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge are all departing the streaming service, and while fans might not be mourning the three sequels as much as the loss of the original terrifying shark tale, there’s still enough time to marathon them all before they go.

Leaving: March 1

13. The Craft

The Craft cast

This ‘90s cult classic about a quartet of high school witches is so popular that a remake of The Craft is in development… although it’s been slow-going, and there’s still no release date in sight for that one. While we wait, The Craft is a fantastic film to re-watch, as Sarah (Robin Tunney) and her new friends come into their power and learn how to control it (and themselves).

Leaving: March 1

12. xXx

Vin Diesel stars in this fun action flick about an extreme sports star Xander Cage, who cultivates his rebellious image with high octane pranks… until the government gets involved and recruits him for a top-secret mission. For fans, while the original xXx may be leaving, the recent third installment, xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage, is sticking around on the streaming service for a while longer.

Leaving: March 1

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11. The Santa Clause

Tim Allen in The Santa Clause - Best Christmas Movies

Fans aren’t likely to be too upset about this franchise’s departure from Netflix right now, but come December, The Santa Clause may well be missed. All three of the Santa Clause movies (The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 2, and The Santa Clause: The Escape Clause) are all departing on the same date, so if you feel like an off-season re-watch of a serious about Tim Allen accidentally becoming Father Christmas, now’s your chance!

Leaving: March 12

10. Archer

Sterling Archer Trexler Archer Dreamland Episode 8

Fans of adult animation will be heartbroken to learn that the first seven seasons of Archer are departing Netflix this month, leaving only the most recent season (Dreamland) still streamable. This FX series about an espionage organization has been a huge hit, but is presumably being pulled in order to draw fans to FX’s own new streaming service.

Leaving: March 14

9. Zootopia

This Oscar-winning animated movie about the first bunny cop in the big city is an absolutely adorable tale (or should that be ‘tail’…) about prejudice, and it thoroughly deserves to be known as one of Disney’s best recent films. Like Archer, it’s likely that Zootopia is being pulled in order to find a new home - Disney’s own streaming service, which hasn’t launched yet but is in the works at the House of Mouse.

Leaving: March 20

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