Netflix: 15 Best Movies And TV Shows Leaving In January 2019

Netflix is known for continuously adding new content - new movies and TV shows - to their service every month, but in order to keep that constant stream of content rolling in, they also need to offset the balance by removing a bunch of movies and TV shows.

This is the unfortunate reality of streaming services; Netflix's library isn't permanent, and users tend to see some of their favorite movies and TV shows leave the service as soon as something bigger (or perhaps even cheaper to license) rolls along - and 2019 isn't going to be any different.

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So, to start off 2019, Netflix users are going to have to say goodbye to superheroes, martial artist pandas, vampires, and mobsters this month, with these 15 great movies that are disappearing from the streaming service in January 2019.

15. Blade/Blade II

Blade - Wesley Snipes - WWE Studios

Long before we entered the golden age of superhero movies, Blade was one of the best - an adaptation of the Marvel comics character of the same name. The vampire hunter (played by Wesley Snipes) spends these two films protecting humanity from the undead, and while there’s no denying that the VFX really don’t stand the test of time, they are still fan-favorites for a reason. The third film in the franchise (Blade: Trinity) is also not available on Netflix, but thankfully, plenty of MCU movies are.

Leaving: Jan 1

14. Catwoman

Catwoman Halle Berry Poster

Another superhero movie from the early 2000s, Catwoman is routinely trotted out as an example of one of the worst superhero movies ever made - and with good reason. Despite Halle Berry in the starring role, the film is definitely not the best adaptation of the famous DC comics character. Terrible costumes aside, though, it may be worth a re-watch as an example of just how far we’ve come.

Leaving: Jan 1

13. Interview With The Vampire

Blade isn’t the only vampire movie leaving Netflix at the start of this month - Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire is also being axed from the catalog on the first of January. No superheroes here, though, only Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as the dashing undead, partying their way around New Orleans, sucking blood and turning a teeny-tiny Kirsten Dunst. It may be a couple of decades old, but this is still a phenomenal film - and a TV series is still in development.

Leaving: Jan 1

12. Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda

The kids will be disappointed to hear that Netflix is bidding farewell to Kung Fu Panda this month, as the original Dreamworks film about a martial-arts Panda (the title really gives it away) disappears. The second and third films in the franchise are also unavailable. However, there are still several other films in the franchise available for streaming, including Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll, Kung Fu Panda: Awesome Secrets Collection, and Kung Fu Panda: Holiday.

Leaving: Jan 1

11. Law & Order: SVU

Stabler and Benson on Law & Order: SVU

Fans of crime procedurals are out of luck this month, as the 15th, 16th, and 17th years are disappearing from Netflix at the start of the month. This long-running series (now on the 20th season) centers on sexual crimes in New York City, following them from the original crime scene to the criminal prosecution. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend trying to binge it all before it goes, though, because things can get dark in this show - and there’s only so much Ice-T we can watch in one sitting!

Leaving: Jan 1

10. Love Actually

Christmas is over, so we don’t need to be too sad Love, Actually is headed off Netflix in January. Really, it’s time to put Christmas movies away, especially movies that have become increasingly divisive as they age and fans start wondering if that whole sign-at-the-door scene was ever charming, or if it was always just a little bit creepy. Still, plenty love to re-watch it over the holiday season, so Netflix is just making sure that we all know when to stop.

Leaving: Jan 1

9. Meet the Fockers/Meet the Parents

Robert De Niro in Meet the Parents

Indulge in a little old-school silly comedy before the end of the year, with this 2000 Ben Stiller comedy about a boyfriend meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Meet the Parents was followed up a few years later by Meet The Fockers, as the two families were introduced, and then by Little Fockers about the couple’s kids. The first two films will stick around until January 1, but the third isn’t currently available to stream.

Leaving: Jan 1

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