Netflix: 15 Best Movies And TV Shows To Watch Before They Leave In January

Mean Girls - Santa Stage Number

New Year’s Eve means going out, having some drinks, and ringing in the new year with style - but those drinks often mean that New Years Day is spent lying on the couch, ordering pizza, questioning your life choices… and binge-watching some Netflix. It’s a proud New Year tradition for many, but be careful with your Netflix-planning: January 1st means saying goodbye to a lot of great movies and TV shows as they leave the streaming service for good. So don’t plan on watching any of these ‘80s and ‘90s classics, moreish TV series, or other streamable gems while nursing a hangover, because these fifteen are gone for good.

Of course, there are still a couple of weeks left in December to squeeze in a few last hours of Netflix-time if there are a few on this list that you haven’t got around to watching yet (perfect way to spend that holiday vacation!). And even if it’s not possible to watch every single one, there are some great new additions to Netflix coming this January as well.

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15. ET

et phone home

This sweet classic from the ‘80s redefined the alien movie, as Elliott (Henry Thomas) and the Extra-Terrestrial became friends on the run from the law. From iconic moments like the bicycle across the moon or the alien hiding in the closet, to the equally wonderful scenes that you’ve probably forgotten about, ET is definitely a classic worth a re-watch.

Leaving: 1/1/18

14. Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks Quiz - Forrest Gump

Tom Hank’s brilliant turn as Forrest, the simple man who lived an incredible life. This movie isn’t a short one, at just under two and a half hours long, but it is well worth the time commitment. From his childhood in Alabama through the biggest events of his lifetime, Forrest Gump is a love story, a comedy, and a tearjerker from start to finish.

Leaving: 1/1/18

13. Mean Girls

Remember a time when Lindsay Lohan was a star on the rise, and lip gloss was everything? Don’t miss out on Cady (Lohan) struggling to fit in at her new high school with Regina George (Rachel McAdams) and the Plastics in this incredibly quotable teen flick. Watch Mean Girls on a Wednesday and don’t forget to wear pink.

Leaving: 1/1/18

12. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction - Cropped

This Tarantino classic is a must-watch for film buffs, as well as for anyone who just hasn’t seen it yet (but probably knows half of the scenes from the number of times they’ve been parodied!). Pulp Fiction's brand of black comedy crime is a classic for a reason, and it’s worth watching for John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson’s badassery alone.

Leaving: 1/1/18

11. Lost

This one might be a time commitment, but for those few who still haven’t seen how the story of the lost passengers of Oceanic 815 turns out, it’s time to get bingeing before the end of the month! The entire six seasons of Lost are currently on Netflix, and while two weeks probably isn’t enough time to watch the entire thing, there’s still time to finish a final few episodes before we say goodbye.

Leaving: 1/4/18

10. Futurama

It’s a sad day for Futurama and Netflix fans, as the remaining seasons of the animated series are being taken off the service. There was uproar when Netflix dropped the first few seasons earlier this year, and now it looks like the final few seasons are leaving as well. They’re not gone till the end of the month, though, so there’s still time to watch.

Leaving: 1/30/18

9. Gremlins

Another ‘80s classic, Gremlins’ special effects may not have aged well (there are moments where literal strings can be seen), but the basic concept is still fantastic. Tiny, adorable, furry critter transformed and unleashing a horde of mini-monsters on the city? Always worth the watch.

Leaving: 1/1/18

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