Netflix: 15 Best Movies And TV Shows Leaving In August

As always at the start of a new month, it’s time to take a look over some of the best viewables on Netflix that are leaving the streaming service throughout the month - and this August, there’s a whole lot of comedy departing Netflix.

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Of course, there’s still a huge amount of funny movies, stand up specials, and hilarious sitcoms to watch, but if any of these are personal favorites, it might be time to give them a final watch and get those belly laughs in while you still can. There are also a few other films to wave goodbye to as well, including action and drama, so take a look at what won’t be streamable for much longer.

15. Finding Dory

Finding Dory

This cute follow up to Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo is all about discovering where Dory, the fish with a three-second memory, originally comes from. All the family’s favorite characters return for Finding Dory, as well as some great new friends - but after August 1st, they’ll be gone (and Finding Nemo is also not currently available to stream).

Leaving Netflix: August 1

14. Harold And Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay

Harold and Kumar

Fans of stoner comedy will be sad to see silly adventure comedy Harold And Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay leaving the service. The second in the Harold and Kumar series, this time Harold and Kumar head to Europe, but their misadventures on the plane lead to the pair being mistaken for terrorists… and the usual shenanigans ensue. The original (Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle) and the Christmas offering (A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas) are also unavailable on Netflix.

Leaving Netflix: August 1

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13. Reasonable Doubt

Dominic Cooper in Reasonable Doubt

Crime thriller Reasonable Doubt may not have wowed the critics, but it still has a cast worth watching. Dominic Cooper and Samuel L Jackson star as an up-and-coming DA and a criminal, but this is far from a buddy comedy. Instead, it’s a tense drama that starts when the DA is involved in a hit and run, and another man is set up to take his fall. At first, the DA feels compelled to free him, but it soon becomes evident that he’s far from truly innocent.

Leaving Netflix: August 1

12. Can’t Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love - Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Petersen

Enjoy a classic rom-com with this 1987 offering that stars a very young Patrick Dempsey - back in the days that he was believable as a nerd! In Can’t Buy Me Love, he’s playing the unpopular kid who pays a cool girl to pretend to go out with him so that he can increase his social standing… and fans of romcoms know exactly how this one is going to turn out.

Leaving Netflix: August 1

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11. Adventures In Babysitting

Adventures in Babysitting

Another one for fans of 80s comedy, Adventures In Babysitting is also from 1987, and proves that babysitting isn’t just watching tv after the kids go to sleep. Instead, this action comedy sees a relatively benign errand turn into a night of dodging criminals in the big city, with three kids in tow.

Leaving Netflix: August 1

10. 10 Rules For Sleeping Around

10 Rules For Sleeping Around

This silly sex comedy is all about sleeping around - with your partner’s permission, that is. 10 Rules For Sleeping Around is about two couples who are trying to keep things exciting in their relationships with the help of a few little rules and permission to have some fun elsewhere, but it’s a screwball comedy, so of course, it starts to get complicated.

Leaving Netflix: August 2

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