Kerry Washington in Scandal - Olivia Pope's Most Badass Moments

Scandal is created by Shonda Rhimes, the quintessential mastermind of the guilty-pleasure genre. It's a show that centers around political crisis manager Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) and her firm, Pope & Associates, as well as the goings-on in the White House and the major characters related to these branches -

including President Fitzgerald Grant III, Chief of Staff Abigail Whelan and Quinn Perkins, an employee of Pope & Associates.

The show draws many thematic and tonal parallels from Rhimes' other shows, with reviewers - like Newsday's Verne Gay - pointing out the similar tropes: "The hairpin plot twists. The whiplash character reveals. The bumptious moralizing. The Strong Woman/Wronged Woman character type, and its direct corollary, Weak, Middle-Aged, Married Man Who Secretly Likes Hookers. It's all here!"

The show is sexy, fast-paced, and chock-full with twist and turns - definitely a worthy guilty pleasure.

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