10 Best Horror Series On Netflix, According to IMDb

From The Haunting of Hill House to Stranger Things, here are the greatest horror series on Netflix, as rated by IMDb.

To watch the best horror series on television, one need look no further than Netflix, one of the most prominent streaming services available with one of the most exhaustive genre catalogs. It has both Netflix original series, series from prime time television, and series that were once only available via subscription to cable add-ons, like Starz and Showtime.

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Horror comes in a large variety of sub-genres, from the psychologically disturbing (like Black Mirrorto the graphically violent (like The Walking Dead). If it's anthology series with mind-bending narratives and delightfully disturbing characters you're after, American Horror Story still leads the way to thrills and chills. So, what are you waiting for? Turn out the lights and select something spooky from this list of Netflix's best horror shows, as rated by IMDb.


While some viewers may know the character of Sabrina from the hit teen series Sabrina the Teenage Witch,  the character actually originated in the "Archie" comics. This Netflix series follows Sabrina's formative years as she grapples with her half-human, half-witch identity.

The tone of the series is much darker than anything Sabrina has been involved with, but its blend of whimsy and horror makes it an intriguing show for fans of the supernatural and occult. It's a worthy addition to other female-led series of the same genre, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed.

9 MARIANNE (7.7/10)

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A new series on Netflix that purports to be so frightening you'll be hiding under your couch cushionsMarianne follows a young French writer who returns to her home town only to find that the haunting nightmares she's been having since childhood are manifesting in reality and wreaking havoc.

Much like the horror film Secret Window, author Emma discovers that the characters she writes about in her book now exist in the real world, and they are anything but benevolent. Apparently they aren't happy that Emma has decided to stop writing her best selling horror book series, so they give her a little...inspiration.


The popular horror anthology series, now in its ninth season (American Horror Story: 1984), is currently available on Netflix. Each season of American Horror Story features a different setting, narrative plot, and characters (though many of the cast members from prior seasons continue into new ones).

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Whether it's a haunted house, creepy carnival, or possessed hotel, there's a season that captures every fear that viewers have. Much praise has been given for its inventive scares, use of cinematography, costumes, and the excellent performances from its cast.

7 BATES MOTEL (8.2/10)

bates motel poster

Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho was terrifying enough, but fans of the classic horror film can dive into the early years of Norman Bates. The series features Norman Bates as a solemn teenager, who moves to the idyllic town of White Pine Bay following his parents' divorce.

There, his mother purchases a hotel, and running the establishment is their chance to start a new life. The pair soon find out that they aren't as welcome in the community as they thought, forcing an already close bond to develop even further between the mother and son. A bond which leads to the forging of one of the most famous movie killers of all time.


Follow a cohort of paranormal investigators as they pursue supernatural mysteries in the darkest recesses of Victorian London. Penny Dreadful features Sir Malcolm, an intrepid explorer determined to find the creatures that abducted his daughter. He recruits for the task a team of uniquely qualified individuals, each possessing special powers themselves.

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There's clairvoyant Vanessa Ives and American sharpshooter Ethan Chandler, as well as several street dwellers who provide information on the comings and goings of powerful entities from beyond our world. Watch it for the atmosphere, performances, and origin stories for some of horror's most famous icons, like Frankenstein's Monster and Dorian Gray.


Michonne in front of fire The Walking Dead season 10

The long-running zombie thriller The Walking Dead begins its tenth season this year and, between that and its spin-off Fear The Walking Deadproves that there's still a vested interest in survival horror series. It began chronicling the months immediately after a zombie apocalypse, which quickly turned into years.

Beyond just showcasing graphic violence between the remaining human population and zombies, it also explored the depths of depravity human survivors would go to just to obtain basic necessities. The humans were often more disturbing than the zombies they faced.

4 ASH VS EVIL DEAD (8.4/10)

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams and Ted Raimi as Chet in Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash, the chainsaw-wielding hero from Sam Raimi's Evil Dead franchise returns to form in Ash vs Evil Dead, which ran for three seasons on Starz but is now available on Netflix! Ash Williams has been out of the undead fighting game for 30 years, and is now an over-the-hill lothario shirking all of life's less exciting responsibilities.

He may be avoiding the undead, but the undead aren't avoiding him. When he accidentally opens up a channel allowing the Deadites to come through, it's up to him and a few new pals to save the day and return them to the dimension from whence they sprang.


The Haunting of Hill House Netflix

Highlighting the horrors that can reside in a dysfunctional familyThe Haunting of Hill House is the story of a haunted house and the family that lived there, for whom the ghosts of their past are still a torment in adulthood. A death in the family brings them back together, culminating in a return to Hill House.

Whether the ghosts are real or only in their mind, the siblings find that they'll need to put their bitter grievances and grudges aside if they want to solve the mystery of their sister's death, and make it out of the house before it means their own. Though this series only has one season so far, the next season, The Haunting of Bly House, is in development!


Having recently completed three seasons, with a fourth on the way, the Netflix Original Stranger Things has taken the streaming landscape by storm. Fans of supernatural horror and classic 80s films will adore it for its setting, narrative structure, and strong cast of young leads.

It focuses on the residents of the town of Hawkins, Indiana, where "stranger things" occur after a young girl with psychokinetic abilities appears, bringing with her a malevolent force that threatens the very existence of the town and the world. Watch it for its nostalgia, acting, and appearances by several notable 80s stars.

1 BLACK MIRROR (8.9/10)

Black Mirror Black Museum

If you like a little sci-fi with your horror, look no further than Black Mirror, the anthology series that combines dark science fiction and fantasy with the sort of psychological horror that keeps you up at night long after the episode ends.

With its episodic format, each installment of the series stands alone, which is perfect if you want to jump in on a random season. Owing its roots to The Twilight Zoneit focuses on plots involving new technology, common social interactions and more in a suspenseful and shocking way, intended to make you think differently about the way you see the modern world.

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