Every Anime Available to Watch on Netflix

Glitter Force

This very pink and girly series has shades of Sailor Moon, with its tale of fairy stories and an evil emperor who can only be stopped by a team of magical girls. There are currently 40 episodes available to stream.

Gurren Lagann

Widely considered one of the best anime series of the decade, Gurren Lagann is an action-packed mecha drama from Gainax, the studio behind Neon Genesis Evangelion. Set on an alternate universe Earth, where the Spiral King has forced mankind to live in subterranean cities, the story follows two teenagers who discover a mecha known as Lagann and use it to rise to the surface and fight against their evil ruler. There are currently 27 episodes available.  (Note: this series is currently not available on US Netflix).


Set in the distant future, where humanity has expanded its reach well beyond the solar system thanks to their use of robots that can be operated through the transference of human consciousness, a young student finds herself operating one of these I-Machines and is sent to serve as a crew member on a mining spaceship. There are currently 12 episodes available to stream.

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Kagoma, a Tokyo schoolgirl, is transported back to the Sengoku period. After accidentally breaking the magical Shikon Jewel, she and the half-demon dog Inuyasha embark on a journey to recover the shattered shards and prevent disaster. Widely considered one of the most popular anime in English language territories, there are currently 54 episodes available to stream. (Note: this show is not currently available on UK Netflix).

The Irregular at Magic High School

Set in an alternate earth where magic exists and is used in conjunction with modern technology, this series follows a pair of siblings who enrol in a magic high school. While Miyuki possesses the magical abilities, Tatsuya has the technical know-how and combat powers that make him an irregular favourite in the school. There are currently 26 episodes available to stream.


The prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy is home to the most privileged students in Japan. However, the curriculum is far from the expected English and maths classes. The school's entire hierarchy is built upon gambling: The more you bet, the better you are. Yet this carefully planned system is thrown into disarray when a new student arrives who loves to gamble for the hell of it, not for social gain. There are currently 12 episodes available to stream.

Kill La Kill

Ryuko Matoi arrives at the Honnouji Academy looking for her father's killer. While there, she challenges the Elite Four, the quartet who rule the school thanks to their specially modified Goku Uniforms that give them superhuman powers. Everything about Kill La Kill is gloriously over-the-top. There are currently 24 episodes available to stream.

Knights of Sidonia

Set in the year 3394, a thousand years after humanity has fled the planet Earth following its destruction by the shape-shifting Gauna race, the dregs of mankind remain aboard massive spaceships. On the ship Sidonia, Nagate Tanikaze is one of many pilots who guard humanity from attacks by the Gauna. There are currently 24 episodes available to stream.


Invading mecha attack a Japanese research centre, forcing its students, pilots and researchers to fight back with a little help from some mysterious artefacts and a samurai, recently awoken after over 400 years in slumber. There are currently 26 episodes available to stream.

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Little Witch Academia

Part of the successful anime franchise, the main series of Little Witch Academia follows the trials and studies of a group of young witches. A girl with a non-magical background named Atsuko enrols at Luna Nova Magical Academy with dreams of becoming a witch and following in the footsteps of her heroine, Shiny Chariot. There are currently 25 episodes available to stream on Netflix.

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