5 Plotlines We Need To See In Season Two Of YOU (And 5 They Should Avoid)

Joe and Beck in You

The first season of You was a fantastic start to an incredibly unsettling TV show. Watching serial… monster Joe Goldberg pursue the girl that he has deemed as perfect for him (and often rooting for him for some reason?) is absolutely captivating. The way the character manages to explain away his misdeeds to both himself and the audience is nothing short of awe-inspiring. With a second season on the way, today we’re going to be taking a look at five plotlines we’d like to see explored in season two, along with five they should avoid.

10 Need: More Paco

By the end of season one, Paco and his mom had moved away from Joe. Good, that boy literally ended Beck. Regardless, his relationship with Joe was one of the highlights of the show.

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The two had great chemistry, and their relationship really showed Joe’s less horrible side. If Paco could make a return, or a similar character who sees Joe as a mentor could take his place, it would be a nice boon to the second season.

9 Avoid: Beck Flashbacks

Unfortunately, Joe really won in the first season, and that includes eventually besting Beck. While she was a great character in season one, we really don’t need to see any flashbacks to her and Joe’s relationship in season two. Her character was fully realized in her season, and both she and her time on the show have since passed. Once again, thanks for nothing, Paco. Hope you feel really guilty.

8 Need: Candace Information

Candace You

Season one’s shocking cliffhanger ending that revealed that Candace is alive needs to be expanded upon ASAP.

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From official descriptions of season two, this plotline doesn’t seem to be the main focus of the season, which is a shame. There’s clearly a lot going on in the relationship between Candace and Bunny, and we need to know all of it as soon as possible. Hopefully, season two delivers on that request.

7 Avoid: The Same Set-Up

The hook of season one was really watching Joe’s then unidentified crazy meter build up consistently as each episode went on. Surprisingly, locking a man in a cage in the basement of a bookstore was somehow not his peak.

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Regardless of that, season two needs to have a different set-up. At this point, we know what we’re dealing with in terms of Joe. We don’t need to see the build-up, which in turn opens doors for the showrunners to take us to places we didn’t have the opportunity to explore with Joe in season one.

6 Need: Dr. Nicky

One tidbit of the very small amount of information we have on season two of You is that John Stamos is back as Dr. Nicky, which is something that will be very interesting to see explored throughout the show.

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Dr. Nicky should be in jail after being framed for Joe’s crimes, so how will he be appearing? Will he escape? Has his trial reopened? There are so many possibilities for this character that will be great to see explored as we enter season two.

5 Avoid: Too Many Flashbacks

Unless it’s something crucial that we need to see for plot relevance, there shouldn’t be much backtracking in season two. We got to fully explore Joe and his backstory in season one, and while it was interesting, the future in season two is much more enticing.

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Unless there are specific memories of Joe’s that need to be shown, keep the flashbacks to a minimum in season two. If you are going to use more flashbacks, keep the same energy as the one where he threw a man off of the roof of a building because oh my God.

4 Need: Challenges For Joe

As previously mentioned, Joe really won in season one. He got away with every little thing he did. In season two, Joe needs to be faced with repercussions for his actions, or at least harder challenges to overcome.

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While it isn’t necessarily a bad thing if he gets away with more of his crimes, let’s make him work for it at the very least. At least don’t give him a built-in lair to trap his victims in. That was just too easy.

3 Avoid: Joe Winning Easily

YOU Season 1 Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lail

This point might seem a bit redundant, but everything ended wrapped in a nice pretty bow for Joe at the end of season one. He got everything he wanted.

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With Candace entering the picture, this is certainly less likely, but seeing Joe lose at his own game would certainly be interesting. It would be a nice change of pace for the show. Let's lock this man in a book cage and see how he likes it. Actually… We did that last season. It didn't work out. Nevermind...

2 Need: Somehow More Peach

Peach Salinger

Okay, this is something that obviously won't happen in a million years but… Please? Peach was literally the worst part of season one and also the best.

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A horrible friend, Peach did nothing but tear Beck down so she could be the one to build her back up. Obviously Peach has since spoiled (haha) in season one, so a similar character to fill her shoes would be fun.

1 Avoid: Beck’s Other Friends

On that same note, Beck's other friends were pretty uninteresting. While seeing them again wouldn't be a bad thing, per se… it isn't needed.

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The two just don't add anything to the show that is needed for season two except a light dose of racism from the Instagram model. Yeah, You will be just fine without their influence.

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