NES Classic Edition to Re-Release This Summer

Nintendo NES Classic Mini

Those that missed out on getting the first blast of nostalgia will get another chance at doing so once the NES Classic Edition returns to retailers on June 29. Nintendo of America announced today that their standalone throwback system will be making a comeback, and that it won't be a one-time event. The company says that both the NES Classic and SNES Classic Edition "are expected to be available through the end of the year."

Originally released in November of 2016, the NES Classic Edition is a standalone console that comes with 30 Nintendo Entertainment System titles built into its memory. Games include some of Nintendo's biggest hits from their first home console, including Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and even some third-party classics such as Mega Man 2 and Final Fantasy. Considering many of these titles were sold digitally for five dollars a pop, it wound up being quite the value at $59.99.

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From what is currently known, there will be little reason for existing owners to double-dip once the system is back on store shelves in June. Nintendo lists its feature set as identical to the 2016 original, and it features the same exact list of 30 titles. Hopefully that - when combined with the Summer release date - will fend off resellers, who drove the original release to notorious prices once it became a hard to find holiday gift.

This restock is undoubtedly great news for those that missed out on the retro compilation. Nintendo hasn't always had the greatest success at keeping its hot items in stores, but they seem dedicated to fix the supply issue for both the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition once and for all. Of course, only time will tell if they can actually keep up with demand.

It might not become the must-have holiday gift for 2018, but the NES Classic Edition still provides plenty of value for both casual and hardcore gamers. The selection of 30 titles compile some of the biggest hits and best titles from the system's library, and does so at a reasonable price point. Nintendo is clearly counting on both the NES and SNES Classic Editions to sell well for them if they're going to continue producing them until the end of the year, and there's no reason why they won't do just that.


Source: Nintendo

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