Netflix's Neo Yokio Trailer Introduces The Greatest City in the World

Netflix's newest anime series, Neo Yokio, has a brand new trailer demonstrating the show's magical elements and impressive voice cast. For years now, Netflix has been turning out hit after hit when it comes to live-action television. They've also been quietly getting into animation. In addition to adapting existing media like the Castlevania franchise, Netflix has become a key partner when it comes to bringing Japanese anime series to the U.S. market. Dozens of shows and movies are available exclusively on the surface, but they're not stopping there.

Netflix has confirmed that a whole slew of original anime shows will become available through the streaming service in the foreseeable future. One series that wasn't part of that announcement, however, was Neo Yokio. Conceived by Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig, the series takes place in a near-perfect city of the future. Naturally, not all is well, though, and magic slowly starts bubbling up to the surface. Koenig wrote and executive produced the series alongside Nick Weidenfeld, with the animation being handled by Japan's Production IG and Studio Deen, as well as South Korea's MOI. Now, the first trailer has arrived to tease the chaos that will befall the eponymous city in the series.

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Netflix's first-look trailer for Neo Yokio (see the video above) introduces the eponymous, peaceful city, before diving into the occult machinations that have begun to occur within its borders. In the context of the show, Jaden Smith voices Kaz Kaan, a descendent of a group called the magistocrats. At one point, the order saved Neo Yokio from destruction, but their magic has mostly faded since then. As the trailer shows, however, it will come back with a vengeance, forcing Kaz to embrace his history in the process.

Alongside Smith, Neo Yokio features an impressive voice cast. Kaz's aunt is being played by Susan Sarandon, while Jude Law provides the voice for Kaz's robotic bodyguard (his voice can also be heard narrating the trailer). Kaz is also joined by his friends Lexy and Gottlieb, played respectively by Twitter personalities The Kid Mero and Desus Nice. Rounding out the show's voice cast are Tavi Gevinson, Jason Schwartzman and Steve Buscemi, among others.

Blending a sort of prep-school story of rich and entitled kids with a tale of ancient magic and the occult is certainly an interesting mixture. It will also be intriguing to see how Koenig pivots from music to writing. It's clear that he's interested in looking to non-traditional voice actors for the show, another unique but risky aspect of the series. With any luck, Neo Yokio will continue Netflix's trend of innovative and entertaining TV.

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Neo Yokio season 1 premieres September 22 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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