Rideshare Survival Game Neo Cab Launches on Switch & Steam in October

Neo Cab gets a Switch and Steam October 3 release date in an announcement from developer Chance Agency, and a demo is available right now.

Neo Cab Demo Available Now Switch Steam October Release

Neo Cab will come to Nintendo Switch and Steam on October 3, and a demo is available now for players interested in what developer Chance Agency means when it refers to the game as an emotional rideshare survival game. Neo Cab was immediately tagged as an indie game to watch when it was announced in 2018, and it will also appear on the Apple Arcade subscription service at a later date.

Neo Cab will be Chance Agency's first game as a team, but the past credits from some of its staff speak for themselves: the studio has members who were involved in FirewatchGuild Wars 2, and Reigns: Her Majesty, to name just some of the standout titles that pad the studio's resume. In a year that looks very good for indie games for quality (although less so for profitability), Neo Cab has such a strong sales pitch thanks to its unique conceit, imagining a world where the world has become almost entirely overtaken by automated services. Players will take on the role of Lina, one of the last human rideshare drivers, as she attempts to uncover a mystery around a missing friend while surviving by driving around to make end's meet. If it sounds bleak, it is, even if it's futuristic aesthetic has plenty of purples and blues to pop off the screen.

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Neo Cab was announced over a year ago, and it's finally time for the game to get an official release date: October 3, 2019, on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. Chance Agency and publisher Fellow Traveller made the announcement today via YouTube, sharing the news while also revealing that Neo Cab will be available on Switch and Steam right now as a demo for players to get a taste of its world. Neo Cab will release on PC for $14.99 USD while its Nintendo Switch counterpart will be available for $19.99 USD, with both versions arriving on the same day. Here's the launch trailer:

Neo Cab has all the makings of an indie sleeper hit: it has a visual style that feels its own, a unique concept that will separate it from other launches, and a team with a strong pedigree behind it that has a history of delivering on similarly ambitious titles. It's also a great time to be releasing a single-player title - in a summer that was at least partially dominated by the release of two major MMORPGs in succession, players might be looking for a way to unwind from the social obligations of those titles with a narrative indie experience.

A release on both Switch and PC is a big deal, too - Neo Cab feels like the type of game that will make a nice home for itself on the Nintendo Switch especially given how portability lends itself well to indie titles almost as a rule. Neo Cab will ask players to stay human, but they won't have to make that decision without any information thanks to the new demo available now.

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