Mark Millar Wants Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt in Nemesis

Mark Millar's Nemesis Movie Directed by Tony Scott

Take the following announcement with a sizable grain of salt - Kick-Ass/Wanted creator Mark Millar claims that blockbuster actors Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt could potentially star in Nemesis, the movie adaptation of Millar's characteristically violent comic book.

Director Tony Scott officially signed on to helm the big screen version of Nemesis earlier this month and has begun to scout out potential leads for the film.  In a recent interview with BBC Radio, Millar revealed that Depp and Pitt were two candidates that Scott was looking into - at Millar's behest.

Here was Millar's actual comment on the matter:

"Tony Scott, brother of Ridley Scott... I just got a call from him, literally a month ago... it was one of those very surreal things.  This is a $150 million budget... he said, "Who do you fancy for it [Nemesis]?"... I said, "I dunno, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp," so he said, "That's good, we'll give them a call."

Both actors are hot-in-demand talents and will certainly not be the only individuals that Scott will approach to star in his new film.  While neither Depp or Pitt should be considered a serious candidate to join the cast of Nemesis at this point (especially given the casual nature of Millar's comment), the two can now be officially considered as "possibilities."

Tony Scott Directing Adaptation of Mark Millar's Nemesis

Nemesis revolves around a wealthy loner who becomes a destructive, costume-wearing criminal and seeks revenge against a police officer whose actions (in a sense) destroyed his family.  The comic book was inspired by the question "What if Batman was The Joker?" and contains much of the same graphic violence and adult material seen in Millar's previous creations.

Is Nemesis the type of non-mainstream comic book project that either Depp or Pitt would be interested in signing on for?  Both actors are known for taking on "riskier" roles occasionally, though Nemesis will be designed to appeal to a wider audience than a cult movie like Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas or Fight Club would - especially if Millar is correct about the $150 million production budget cost.

We will keep you updated on the development of Nemesis as more information comes our way.

Source: BBC Radio

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