Neil Marshall & Sam Raimi To 'Burst' In 3D

Earlier this year, Sam Raimi brought us one of the most purely fun tongue-in-cheek horrors I've seen in a long time with Drag Me To Hell, a welcome return to his horror roots after many years of directing in other genres. However, as some you may know, Raimi has been prolific in the horror department on the producing side of things, with his Ghost House Pictures being responsible for such films as The Grudge, 30 Days of Night and Boogeyman.

And now, it appears that Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures will be teaming up with The Descent director, Neil Marshall, to bring us the rather over-the-top sounding Burst 3D.

Shock Till You Drop reports that Raimi and Rob Tapert, through their Ghost House Pictures, will be producing Burst 3D with Marshall at the helm, and with Lionsgate distributing the film worldwide. Word got to STYD earlier this week from Tapert himself, letting us know that a director announcement was coming soon and it turns out that director is the very talented Marshall. Gary Dauberman (Swamp Devil) has written the script.

So what's Burst 3D about? Well, as some of you might be able to guess, it will surely involve some gory splattering of blood and body parts on fire, with them coming out the screen at us in three dimensions. The film, "concerns a group of people holed up in a lodge during a winter storm. Things go awry, as one-by-one, they begin to spontaneously combust."

For what Tapert had to say about working on this project with Marshall and the other folks involved, you can head over to Shock Till You Drop.

Along with this certainly not being the first horror film to be developed for the 3D technology, Burst 3D is also not the first three dimensional effort for Lionsgate. Earlier this year they released My Bloody Valentine in 3D, and word is that Saw-makers, Twisted Pictures, are in talks with Lionsgate to partner on a refreshing of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, with the first film supposedly being planned to be in 3D.

There's just no stopping this 3D frenzy, is there? It seems like every second new project we hear about is being developed for three dimensional viewing, particularly those of the horror genre. I know I've said it before, but I'm getting sick of the technology when all it's used for is for a gimmicky slew of things jumping out of the screen at you for no reason (the recent Final Destination is just one of many examples of it). I trust Marshall (as, in case you didn't know, I loved his The Descent) and having Raimi's name attached doesn't exactly hurt, but I'm rather dubious at this point. I certainly hope it's good, but the "spontaneous combustion plot" doesn't really scream to me that the 3D will be used subtly...

What do you think of the idea for Burst 3D and the fact that it will be in three dimensions?

Burst 3D is currently in the early development stages and doesn't have a release date as of yet.

Sources: ShockTillYouDrop, FirstShowing and Variety

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