Neill Blomkamp Teases Monsters-Focused Experimental Studio

Director Neill Blomkamp shares an image from experimental studio Oats Studios, saying its trying out new ideas... with monsters.

Oats Studios Logo

Neill Blomkamp is teasing the prospects of a brand new experimental studio in the near future. The District 9 director has become known for his violent, often socially conscious sci-fi, sometimes venturing into monster territory. For a time, Blomkamp was expected to helm Alien 5, but Alien: Covenant director Ridley Scott recently said that a script was never even written. Blomkamp has no other specific feature film projects officially in production.

However, the director appears to be thinking much bigger than just one film. He is working on an entirely new studio that will focus on producing short films with the potential for more, creating new monsters, and finding ways to set itself apart from the more famous Hollywood studios. Blomkamp is teasing this new studio as "experimental" -- with an intriguing new collaborator already on board.

Blomkamp tweeted on Monday that he is working on building "Oats Studios," posting a photo of a freakish-looking lizard and the studio's logo, along with that of popular gaming and entertainment platform Steam. Blomkamp tweeted back in April that he's making short films in collaboration with Steam. "Hope people get behind this experimental studio. Trying ideas out. Monsters coming..." Monday's tweet reads.

Hope people get behind this experimental studio. Trying ideas out. Monsters coming...

— NΞill Blomkamp (@NeillBlomkamp) May 16, 2017

Oats Studios has an official website with just a logo, as well as a YouTube channel that contains two Trump-skewering shorts released by Blomkamp on Instagram back in November. He's been teasing the studio since April, once describing it as a "channel of tests and ideas" in the form of experimental films. He also recently hinted at the project when he asked his followers, "If I sold experimental short films on [Steam] as tests for potential full feature films, would people watch them?"

Through his series of tweets teasing Oats Studios and upcoming experimental films, Blomkamp has been publicly mulling whether he should charge fans or release them for free. But when he asked his followers if they'd pay for content, many replied with a resounding yes. If the short films released through Oats Studios on Steam are anywhere near the quality of District 9, they'd almost certainly be worth the price of admission.

Of course, the ultimate success of Oats Studios will come down to the quality of the films that are released. Their mere experimental nature could make them too polarizing. But Blomkamp clearly has a big-enough following at this point that Oats Studios will surely have a good chance of initial success when its first official shorts are released. And if Blomkamp can consistently translate shorts into full-length films through his new studio, he could potentially be creating an entirely new avenue to success for filmmakers.

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