Neill Blomkamp Turned Down 'Star Wars'; Has Treatment For 'District 10'

Neill Blomkamp talks District 10

After the ambitious Halo film adaptation was canned during pre-production, would-be director Neill Blomkamp and executive producer Peter Jackson - who enlisted him for Halo - chose to instead spend their efforts on making a full-length feature based on his own short film Alive in Joburg. That movie was District 9 and it made waves among Hollywood's top brass, critics and fans alike.

After the success of his feature debut and the mess that was Halo, Blomkamp has little interest in adapting well-known, established properties like Star wars, and instead moved towards another original project in Elysium as his next big project. The South Africa-born filmmaker has several ideas for his next projects but District 10 is still in the cards.

With Elysium hitting theaters next month, Wired featured a lengthy piece on Blomkamp's life, career and future projects and in it, Blomkamp touches on his thoughts on the industry and what projects he wants to do next. As it turns out, Simon Kinberg - who's producing and writing X-Men: Days of Future Past and developing standalone Star Wars spinoffs - approached Blomkamp "gingerly" with a Star Wars opportunity but he turned it down to instead focus on smaller, original projects.

Elysium Trailer #3 (2013)

After Elysium, the director is shooting a sci-fi film called Chappie later this year and hoping to work on a puppet comedy titled Mild Oats next. After that there's nothing planned but Blomkamp, who previously revealed he has a story ready for District 10 (his title), mentioned that he has an 18-page treatment which he simply describes as "really fucking cool."

The plan however, is to continue with original projects and depending on the success and critical reception of Elysium, studios will likely lineup to help produce and distribute whatever he chooses to pursue. Interestingly, Blomkamp points out how many of the current high profile sci-fi films are nothing more than "shit exploding and spaceships and stuff" without any significant message. Perhaps District 10 can help fix this and be as unique as its predecessor was.

Fun Fact: Eminem was offered the lead part in Elysium before Matt Damon.

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Source: Wired

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