District 9's Neill Blomkamp Wants to Direct An Iron Man Movie

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Neill Blomkamp is working on his comeback and would be interested in doing an Iron Man standalone movie for Marvel Studios to continue that. Blomkamp burst onto the Hollywood scene in 2009 with his feature length directorial debut, District 9. The film was applauded for having an emotional center to a visual and technical masterpiece. Since then, Blomkamp has yet to reach those heights again, with Elysium and, to a further degree, Chappie failing to recapture the magic.

He has since taken a step back to do independent shorts with impressive visuals. He's released three short films so far - one starring Sigourney Weaver, another called Firebase, and a third starring Dakota Fanning. With Alien 5 falling through, what the future holds is unknown, but Blomkamp appears to have a venture into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in mind.

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Blomkamp was recently asked by a fan on Twitter what film or character would he like to take a crack at in the MCU. With unlimited options at his disposal and the hypothetical nature of the question, Blomkamp responded with his choice - Iron Man.

Hypothetically ... ironman - love the character

— Neill Blomkamp (@NeillBlomkamp) August 24, 2017

Blomkamp has shown a fascination in projects with big ideas behind them, and a particular interest in those involving some other life form. No one outside of Marvel Studios knows exactly what the future holds for Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man in the MCU, but with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn hinting the MCU will continue to go more cosmic, Blomkamp could be a great fit for an intergalactic Iron Man 4.

While he is a much more recognizable name than Marvel tends to hire, the ability to get a director like Blomkamp could be a way to keep the franchise fresh if they planned to continue it. Not only that, but it would also give the Iron Man franchise an incredibly strong lineup for behind the camera after Jon Favreau tackled the first two and Shane Black closed out the trilogy. Plus, from Blomkamp's perspective, he would have no shortage of offers on the table if he bounced back in a big way by joining the MCU and delivering a great (possible) closing chapter to Downey's arc - should Iron Man survive Untitled Avengers.

Even if another Iron Man film is not on the table at Marvel Studios, Blomkamp would be a fascinating hire for them to make at any point and on any project. He has no shortage of creativity - which is partially responsible for his downfall in the minds of some - but Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige have a team in place that could keep him restrained in certain areas while letting him go wild in others. Who knows if it will ever happen, but Marvel, Blomkamp is interested if you are.

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