Mysterious New Teaser for Neill Blomkamp Project 'AGM Heartland'

Neill Blomkamp Teaser Trailer for AMG Heartland

Since director Neill Blomkamp blew audiences and critics away with his Academy Award-nominated science-fiction film District 9, the director's name has been attached to several different Hollywood movies.

Last fall, Blomkamp talked about a "very violent" and "very unique" original sci-fi film that he wanted to make. Then, there were the constant rumors of Blomkamp directing The Hobbit (which have since been squashed). On top of that, we learned today about another possible Blomkamp project, except this one may not even be a film.

Working off a reader tip, /Film recently discovered a short video credited to Neill Blomkamp that appeared online with the latest digital edition of Wired Magazine on the iPad. The video, which appears to be a sort-of viral teaser, shows two young men coming across an alien-like carcass stamped with “18.12 AGM Heartland Pat Pend USA” and “US Inspected And Approved.”

Check out the mysterious clip for yourself below.


Peter Sciretta at /Film did some digging into AGM Heartland online and learned that a Beverly Hills company called Sable Productions had recently filed a trademark claim for the phrase. On its trademark filing, Sable said:

"Entertainment services by way of an online website with video, audio and textual content and images featuring characters and storylines about a fictional genetic engineering company that produces genetically engineered and altered organisms."

Per the language in the trademark filing, the assumption that the video is a teaser trailer for a possible film seems unlikely. Rather, Blomkamp looks like he's involved with an interesting documentary style web project focused on genetically engineered livestock (and the presumably terrible company behind it).

If  AGM Heartland does end up taking off as a web narrative of some kind, it would be a pleasant surprise from Neill Blomkamp. As web technology continues to evolve, the Internet should continue to grow as a viable destination for filmmakers looking to share their interesting projects on a smaller scale.

Seeing interesting projects from directors like Blomkamp only proves that the medium doesn't matter, only the message.

Source: /Film

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