Neil Patrick Harris in for 'Harold and Kumar 3'; Early Set Pics Emerge

Neil Patrick Harris Confirmed for Harold and Kumar 3
The immortal Neil Patrick Harris returns to join Harold & Kumar once more

In April, we reported that actor Neil Patrick Harris would be reprising his role as a hilarious, drugged-out, and completely insane version of himself for A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas. Yesterday, Harris confirmed the news personally in an interview with on the set of his current film, The Smurfs.

Neil Patrick Harris also touched on his recent guest appearance on Glee, as well as his desire to take part in another edition of Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog (though that wouldn't happen anytime soon thanks to Joss Whedon's work on The Avengers and Nathan Fillion's role on Castle).

At this point in the Harold and Kumar mythos, it would be wrong if NPH didn't make an appearance. I just wonder how the writers are planning on shoehorning his character into the much-anticipated film. As a reminder, the plot of A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas revolves around Harold and Kumar's attempts to find a replacement Christmas tree after Kumar burns Harold's tree down -- presumably in a drug-related accident.

Early in the film, it is revealed that Harold and Kumar haven't spoken to each other in years and Harold has settled down into a successful life as a Wall Street executive. Kumar, on the other hand, is still a slacker stoner who's had his medical license revoked for smoking marijuana.

Of course, the movie's plot is nothing more than a skeleton on which to hang ridiculously over-the-top gags, which I'm sure is where Neil Patrick Harris will come in.

If you're still itching for Harold and Kumar news, you should also know that comedian Patton Oswalt has been confirmed for the film, as evidenced by his recent Twitter activity. You can also check out these behind-the-scenes set pictures courtesy of Before the Trailer. The pictures were taken at the Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan (which, as a former Michiganian, I can tell you is a pretty great mall).




Earlier in the week, Harold and Kumar 3 director Todd Strauss-Schulson also shared a few images from set via TwitPic, including this one showing a banner for the popular fictional Christmas gift, WaffleBot. I can only imagine what kind of mischief the boys will get into with a robot that makes waffles.



Are you excited to see Harold, Kumar, and Neil Patrick Harris back in action? What about franchise newcomer Patton Oswalt?

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas will be in theaters sometime in 2011.

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