Neil Marshall Will Direct New Horror Film 'Hellfest'

Neil Marshall is one busy guy. Earlier this year, the fan favorite genre director said he was juggling 12 different projects (including a WWII alien invasion movie and the stomach-churning Burst 3D). Now it looks like he's got yet another film on his schedule.

With movies like The Descent and Centurion, Marshall has shown a gruesome affinity for blood and guts action, but, so far, the director hasn't flexed his talents in the ever popular slasher genre.

That's going to change with his new movie Hellfest.

According to Deadline, Marshall has agreed to direct the project for CBS Films with the hope of launching a new horror franchise. The plan is to start production on the movie, which revolves around a "costumed killer who systematically slaughters the unsuspecting visitors who come to a theme park on Halloween night," this upcoming summer.

While the description of the film makes it seem like fairly standard slasher fare, I think there's actually potential in the story (though it might just be because every time I take my wife to a haunted house, she insists on the possibility that one of the actors might actually be a bloodthirsty killer). Is there anything creepier than an amusement park at night?

Despite his popularity among genre fans, Marshall has yet to break into the mainstream with a major blockbuster movie. He was close with Robert Rodriguez's Predators, but lost that film to Nimrod Antal. Perhaps it will be a classic slasher movie - the very epitome of the horror genre - that will finally gives him a boost into the limelight.

Though Hellfest will be Neil Marshall's next feature film, fans of the director can catch his work on the small screen next year when he directs an episode of HBO's popular medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones. Marshall's episode, which was written by Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin, is said to contain a "major battle" that will "break the bank." For more on Game of Thrones, check out this special preview of Game of Thrones Season Two or our Game of Thrones photo gallery.

Source: Deadline

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